The singer Nam Jin son Hyeongcook Kim, on 9th, the painted candles in the Imperial Palace Hotel


The singer Nam Jin (the one’s real name Namchin Kim) gets a wife for son. The son Hyeongcook Kim of the Nam Jin gets married in the Seoul Gangnam Imperial Palace Hotel Dube hole p.m. 6 on 9th. The close staff of Nam Jin was careful in the call “know as one which doesn’t never the talk about marriage in the acquaintance > besides” “it will be seen like the meaning that it considers the people daughter-in-law and this family and this will don’t know that maybe it will feel troubled if the article will go out” on 2nd in the morning. 3 daughter, 1 son was put between Nam Jin with the wife Chungyeon Kang. The first daughter gets married among your children and 2 daughters are the single yet. Hyeongcook Kim got the since childhood special grandparents love and grew as the youngest among your children and is the study in the United States Ppa. The son talk about marriage was not never mentioned even when Nam Jin interviewing the special interview recently. It was unable to get married and as to Nam Jin, 2 daughters are unable to meet ” first daughter the partner yet. It has the shape without the man who the relation arrives yet. It lived with the daughters, it was good and it was not scientific principles to meet the good spouse and son and daughter produce and live and the woman installed. Meantime, it gets to be on the air with KBS new daily soap opera ‘the destiny move aside’ (kiwon Kwak direction and foil Gye brother script) OST having the telecast ahead from the coming fifth and the hit song ‘only Naya’ of Nam Jin is gaining the limelight. ‘only Naya’ became in 8 that record is announced. The new song that it is ‘Namjadaing’ came out recently but it is still his representing music. ‘the destiny move aside’ is the cataclysmic fate pathfinding turning point which the pleasure refreshingness of the common country-young man Namchin Yang is awfully pleasant and lingering rumors that it matched with the drama story and the housekeeping was adopted as OST.
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