The standing Yong · fairy VS I shear and difference in positions, tightly,… truth?


It has the shape that tug of war over truth is being heated between the agency of DJ DOC standing Yong · fairy and I shear. Because claim of which the either side is contradictory was being implemented, the interest was being concentrated in the truth or not, 1 day standing Yong the agency super jam record was asserted that official position was being made and the child shear people concerned is installing ‘threat’. The super jam record told “(I shear agency) recognized 2 years ago in fact with (of the standing Yong and fairy) acquaintance that it gained the conciliation and pressure which it doesn’t associate not at that time and It became the situation where the bride to-be secedes from the team at that time when the acquaintance was continuously realized”. After that, “gap, Because there is that contact comes suddenly after the Jaeyung Chung Ssi marriage article goes out and it owes previously, it is and the bride to-be, as to the person is doing claim and threat which it will shouldn’t do to the bride to-be who it will walk the name for standing and will publish, when there will say be no repaid money if it will not process ‘ this has to get the congratulation with the back all kinds of threat in this” It raised voice. In the meantime, it emphasized “it does in order to take the profit of the gain, that is my any kind of monetary, or shapelessness and the headquarters of a party from this shameless miscarry wishes to be retired”, saying that it was “one which it gets in touch through the normal other route or can go through the legal procedure if there is that the debt relationship insists”. However, the situation of the child shear agency is different diametrically. Previously, the same day agency insisted through the sports Chosun that fairy broke away from the team without warning. The agency explained to be “the situation where of course, the exclusive contract is valid and it goes away in the team to don’t know the marriage news of the fairy and be”. One that the contract remained about between the fairy and agency about in 3 It is the position that it will discuss with the lawyer and will deal. The outcome is getting attention in the truth or not while the both sides of position is having the parallel line. In the meantime, the fairy reveals the painted candles come on December 1st Seoul Gangnam Socho-gu Riverside Hotel.
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