The standing Yong ♥ line the age gap ‘surprisingly’… the smallest 15 the years old the difference ★ Couple


The qualifier that it is 10 years old differences, 12 year age difference is not amazing now. The line, the majority couple till the couple whom the majority celebrity couple overcame this or greater age difference and it finished the result of the pretty love and It became the couple, or it gave the marriage news and it got the congratulation of the world, giving 1 marriage news the study of cooking selected as the representative ‘the star devoted couple’ from the couple forms the Baek Chongwon-actor possessionIt attracts public gaze with this large-scale age difference and there is. China arranged the celebrity couple over the age of 15. ◆ In come on December 1st Seoul Seocho-gu certain hotel, the standing Yong ♥ fairy and 19 years old the difference group DJ DOC member standing Yong (45) and child shear from fairy (26) turn on the painted candles after associating in 2. As to the standing Yong, 2 people overcomes 19 years old age gaps and 1,973 formers and fairy become the couple by 1,992 formers. The standing Yong and fairy made the relation in the adult entertainment airwave VIKI TV ‘the quite interesting show and uncle show season 2’ last November 2016. The fairy is 9 weeks after pregnancy. And 2 people holds 6 months first children in arms in this coming 2019. All Kkeureot the eyes I, as to the group member this sky (47) like the standing Yong, moreover, the difference round marries the spouse much As to this sky, ㅇ raised the love a younger girlfriend in 17 years old and private wedding ceremony in Jeju Island somewhere last month in 11. ◆ the study of cooking that It becomes the Baek Chongwon ♥ possession jeans and 15 years old difference Dadungi parents the Baek Chongwon (52) actor possession jeans (37) is selected as the representative star devoted couple. As to Baek Chongwon, 2 people can be 1,966 formers and possession jeans distinguished by 1,981 formers. It is the couple receiving the attention which is enviable to the aspect nice to look at of 2 people including the atmosphere, charms of the cooking skill of Baek Chongwon which it does the Alkongdal bean which it shows through in the broadcast and possession gin, and etc. with one body. Baek Chongwon possession battle formation got married at January in 2013. Was the first son produced, the next year 9 month daughter to was given birth in April of the following year successively? The daughter who is the third children was delivered in last February and the Dadungi parents was. ◆ U.S. or ♥ class fill rib and 17 years old the difference singer U.S. (46) and group sound spirit members fill rib (29) couple is the star couple centering the attention of the world from the love till the marriage registration and wedding ceremony. As to Mina, 1,972 formers and class fill rib is 17-year-old couple of younger man and older woman with 1,989 formers. Mina and class fill rib went into the acquaintance last June 2015. The fact same called the year 8 month love relationship was acknowledged. At the time was the time which class Philip Yee joins the army and It became the Ji about 2 weeks. The alias that it is ‘rubber shoes’ followed Mina naturally. The military period of service Mina of class fill rib published the class fill rib training school closing ceremony presence photo, visit photo, umbilical cord souvenir photograph, and etc. in Instagram constantly. Earlier this year 2 man after class fill rib was discharged from active service brought the marriage registration. It appeared on the KBS2 ‘the man 2 kept house’ from March and the pink everyday of 2 people including the propose, preparing wedding process, and etc. was opened and it got the attention. All Maeeot the result of the couple 2 people finishes the open love it gets married in last July
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