Till the talk entertainer bottle early symptom confession to be seen ‘the Hae two 4’ forgetting grace Se and bounding ball


The mind of the audiences was wiped with the talk to be seen the bounding ball which the actor forgetting grace Se is unable to forecast and charisma which it does the lovely. It appeared on the KBS2 ‘the Happy Together 4’ (under ‘ Hae two 4’) which at last first afternoon counting the forgetting grace is broadcasted and the inversion cooking skill and splendid skill at talking was shown off and the viewers were captivated. All Kkeureot the attention the past ‘the Hae two 3’ appearance on the stage reminiscences counted the forgetting grace is opened in this day broadcasting He revealed “after SNS being done everyday and broadcasting two, originally about two days was rested”. ” (to the writing men) could not be one by one answered a letter, “it guessed. The forgetting grace is counted” (if it writes on SNS) interest was likely to be concentrated and there was silently and it had the answer which it is unable to expect (?) and Jaesuck Yoo induced the smile. Jeon Hyeonmoo thundered “it is the celebrity bottle early symptom” and made the scene with the scene of boisterous laughter on the answer where there is the inversion of the forgetting grace Se. His inversion cooking skill was revealed and it attracted attention. The night booth menu ‘the Hae two 3′ appearance on the stage counts the forgetting grace previously at that time called ’tilted and Se one money burger’ is released and the panning of MC been gotten. ’tilted and Se one money burger’ were recalled and “it was so dry when there was the word which it is unable to do then” the late anaphase was sent and Jaesuck Yoo gave with the burst of laughter. The forgetting grace Se moved forward for the recovery of reputation By using the minced rollover, ‘the rollover baguette’ was shown. The cooking was stupid. The answer luxuriated in the question of MC, the audiences burst out laughing at the busy aspects of the forgetting grace Se. In ‘the rollover baguette’ completed after the complications, the favorable comment poured. It succeeded in the recovery of reputation which it counts the forgetting grace.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737062.htm, 2018/11/02 11:35:59]