Wanna circle Chinyeong Bae, Shinhwa advance and same mess…CI enter, and C9 argument


The agency CI ENT (the representative this Jaeyeong) of Shinhwa advance took over the C9 entertainment in which wanna circle Chinyeong Bae and singer royal permission, Junyeong Chung, and etc. belong. On 2nd, all Bahyeot CI ENT took over the C9 entertainment share 100% in which the royal permission, Junyeong Chung, cheetah, wanna circle Chinyeong Bae, and etc. belongsCI ENT Jaeyeong Lee representative ins charge of. In the future, the representative in the both company is the plan which doesn’t change the name of a company of 2 agencies and which it supports the activity of the position artists with the independent management. Jangeun, Woori Choi, Baek Seongryeol, and etc. belong and Gyuchong Kim of the SS501 and Kim brother awards CI ENT is playing an active part in the various field including the play as well as the music and musical, and etc. The C9 entertainment is the agency which the band drug restaurant, band Jyakko rain planet, and girl group Good Day and actor is friendly and of which the Choebyeong people back belongs on the royal permission, Junyeong Chung, cheetah, Chinyeong Bae of wanna circle, and boredom. CI ENT revealed “the opportunity to make a leap into the comprehensive entertainment company afterward was prepared with this merger and acquisition”, saying that it was “one which combines the mutual system and strong network and wide which positively it launches into not only domestic but also the cold current contents export”. CI ENT and C9 entertainment are the plan which is planning to create the synergy through ‘separately, together’ operation and attempts the business diversification in the new content production and marketing cooperation. It is planning to focus efforts on the new artist recruit such as discovering and the new face to play an active part in the world stage, etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737043.htm, 2018/11/02 10:14:19]