‘FALSE realization’ making the realization cry


# it synthesizes. The Mr. Kim (18) the photo attend the steps inside liquor tax Korean mattress high school 2 grade with DM is the fan of the girl group member A. The appearance of A which seems to jump out from the puppy love story comic is done and it has the ideal type of Mr. Kim till the voice which is clear and pure just. Mr. Kim studies and whenever it gets tired, she is recalled and it puts forth strength. Mr. Kim takes advantage of its own cellular phone today again and ‘video for avoiding deletion’ (the mobile photo) of A and high definition video is searched. Information and Internet through are threaded way and the trace of A is found before. The photo leaf which at that time is Mr. Kim surprised It is the photo which it synthesizes the nude to the face of A. A of the provocative pause and expression, but. The one, recoiling with a fright surprised at the nude photo for some time. Mr. Kim stores the photomontage of Miss.A unwittingly in secret. And it is the note within steps to this uploading the post. Is the composition the different photo possible? # the affordable conch Net ‘tumbler’ The tumbler the congestion wonders (Tumblr). The social network service which seems to unite the Instagram and twitter and blog is meant. The scene which the stars donate to the broadcasting to begins to be popular in the domestic and uses SNS is led to be on the air. The Eodeot Seup kneader the popularity around the culture which shares the matter of concern and image and which the tumbler subscribes Because of that, the photograph and ‘video for avoiding deletion’ of which the fans like the star are various is shared from the domestic in the tumbler and the various contents are mass-produced. Even the freedom without the regulation is acted as the poison. Moreover the circulation including the lewdness image and photo, and etc. is due to be very easy due to the instinctive interface. It is the large-scale problem that text which Liebl is logged remains although the original text is deleted. It is countlessly magnified and reproduced the pornography once going around holds. # Is DIP fake known? DIP fake (Deep fake). The pornography image or photo is composed with the face of the celebrity and the edition is meant. It is the tendency that together moreover the digital sex offense and DIP fake increases when the editing technique utilizing the artificial intelligence develops. At first, the composition edition done with the hub was all. However, the aimed dip fake water can visit the people easily recently. The black-market dealings accomplishing in the shade is active. The member realization of the girl group AOA became the star of DIP fake movie in the domestic. DIP fake water synthesizing the face of the realization to the nude of the adult actor adroitly spread rapidly around the messenger and SNS. DIP fake of the realization spreading to the title that it is ‘outflow’ instead of the title that it is ‘composition’ It became more and more till the concrete explanation that it comes out of his ex-boyfriend cellular phone and it was the men confused. SNS is searched, the scapegoat can see easily to of DIP fake come to the numerous member in girl group besides the realization. It is the minor star various at the adult substance from the edition composing the male entertainer photograph to the gay water to synthesized one. The victim of DIP fake is coming to the people recently. DIP fake water in which the people appears is mostly accomplished with ‘giving information’. The placard catalog which it adds together till the rumor after attaching the face of the young girl students on the pornographic actor body is the hundreds and thousands two. # The tumbler which the mistake No. 2 is the victim American enterprise on the light punishment The contents coming up to the user account is not censored in the tumbler. For this reason, there are the lot of these running the tumbler with the violent detail, detail, that is the result, and illegal detail. The keyword related to DIP fake to the social network service (SNS) including the tumbler and twitter, and etc. was inputted. How much is in trouble and the hundreds of accounts is searched. There are these who utilize this artificial intelligence and receive the money in the photomontage and exquisite cost making the video. In the case of the shoddy photomontage, it distributes for free. However, the price is divided into the synthesized one’s figure and mosaic existence and nonexistence with the pause and the exquisite photomontage is sold. This kind of photomontage and movie circulation utilizing DIP fake, and etc. is the obvious criminal act. However, the level of punishment is the cotton-tipped stick level. The action which makes the photomontage or image for the commercial purpose and which it circulates is punished for the promotion of information communication network use and protection of information, including, law 70 group (defamatory act on the Internet) or the criminal law the 244 group (the negative manufacture, and etc) violation, and etc. But because it avoids of the person concerned and the focus is adjusted to the commonweal damage about, there is a lot of the case where the diffuser ends up in the monetary penalty mostly or it gets the light penal servitude. The proposed sexual harassment punishment law revised bill was examined into National Assembly. There is does the clause that it punishes with the fine on man year 3 which it re-edit the photographing product in which the body of the others is printed according to the revised bill into the photographing product inducing the sexual appetite or sexual humiliation and the Banpo · sale · lease this, it provides or you do display, it shows below the penal servitude or 5 million won. However, actually the punishment is the actual condition which is not easy? It is the site in which SNS platform which these use has the foundation in U.S.A including the tumbler, Twitter, and etc. and the international cooperation is easy. The case where the case is finished in the fine or about probation even if it does it catches the criminal up to luckily is the most. The police officer belonging to Seoul Police Agency put out “although when there is the will which is trying to report and in which it is trying to catch the criminal up to, the thing sharing the personal information of the members on the SNS site had the foundation in the overseas is exceedingly rare and actually the international cooperation is difficult” the answer which the energy drops out a bit. The people concerned added and as “the one, of which it takes a long time it starts on not only international cooperation but also investigation usually, the feature of DIP fake crime” this.
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