Geekko and ‘the know brother’ members who become sulky surprisingly the video mail


Send the video mail with ‘the know brother’ members who the wrapper Geekko who is known to recommend the other variety program appearance on the stage in which ‘the know brother’ is not to the singer IU becomes sulky surprisingly. Geekko can meet the audience in the general programming channels JTBC variety program ‘the know brother’ broadcasted p.m. 9 on 3rd through the video mail. On ‘the know brother’ appearance on the stage reason was explained and IU appearing as the guest on the last broadcasting revealed “it wanted to show interesting one to the fans and asked the peripheral people, the brother ‘ appearance on the stage known overpoweringly is recommended”. At this time, IU told “geekko recommended the other variety program” when mentioning Geekko. For this reason, ‘the know brother’ 1 time appearance on the stage volume of the Geekko was deprived and the smile with was given. Geekko listening to this news sends the image to ‘the know brother’ members among the concert in America and the situation is explained. It attracts attention if really Geekko can change the mind of the members. Meantime, tteuwaiseu plays an active part in this day broadcasting as the guest. The broadcast reveals primally the new musical composition ‘the Yeseu (YES or YES) it comes’ part.
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