The death incorrect report be the divinity happening and Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital “the Shin Sungil and funeral hall failed to keep appointment” to


The movie actor Shin Sungil who is the fighting against lung cancer middle was known to be in a critical condition. The breaking news handled the article of the dangerously ill detail through the nearest-neighbor to be the divinity in the afternoon on 3rd. (Transfer from the critical condition of illness and Sunchon sanatorium to be ‘fighting against lung cancer’ actor divinity) the necrology was all at once reported but the major media was clarified as the incorrect report with this day afternoon. The coverage result Shin Sungil was taken away in an ambulance from one sanatorium of Chunnam Sunchon which was treated the recuperation on 3rd in the late afternoon and was moved to the Seoul Gangnam castle trichonosis. With maintain the life after respirator it was confirmed. The fact that the Shin Sungil booked among these the Catholic University of Korea Seoul Virgin Mary hospital funeral hall and it canceled was known, 3 days Catholic University of Korea Seoul Kangnam St. Mary’s Hospital employee of funeral house revealed “in the Shin Sungil, the funeral hall reservation was canceled” “when of the death of the Shin Sungil and reason for cancellation is not confirmed”. After hiting against the lung cancer 3 verdict at June last year, the anticancer therapy and radiation therapy was gotten in the local and the Shin Sungil had been striving for the recovery. The activity was kept such as attending every kind of broadcasting programme and twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival opening ceremony among the fighting against a disease and, etc It became the model of the juniors. In the meantime, it appeared in the debut, ‘the youth of the bare feet’, ‘the hometown of the Byeoldeul’, and ‘the winter woman’ etc. as the movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’ in 1960 and was evaluated as the godfather of the Korean movie world.
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