The gift which ‘soldier’ gives to the one’s biological sister which it G-dragon visits?


The one’s biological sister of the group big bang G-dragon (the one’s real name wrapping paper Yong) opens the gotten gift to the brother and it is becoming a hot issue. In the sister Dami Kwon of the G-dragon, on 1st, my hand The Sso sweet (So sweet). You uploaded the photo of the leaf with the writing of the content the worth which can be loved is enough full called man really. The red aspects of maple leaves which is placed at the desk Wi was included in the revealed photo. Presently, the maple leaves of seems to be given present to the sister who G-dragon serve visits the visit. The netizens seeing the writing of Dami Kwon were the interest which “it is really sufficient,… is sufficient and it overflows”, “wisdom and courage brother would like to see the sister me”, “there is and no originals this man”, and “the sister is enviable, that brother is put” back is hot the steps. In the meantime, it is serving in Kangwon-do CheolWon army 3 division Baekgol army corps and the global due date is 26 days on November, 2019.
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