The Tteuwaiseu, on 3rd, the new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ first opening to the public in ‘the know brother’


The girl group Tteuwaiseu (TWICE) appears in today (3 days) night JTBC variety program (*alneun Hyeongni*) and the first reveals the new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ (yeseu it comes). In JTBC ‘the know brother’ broadcasted on 3rd, appear as the transfer student who the girl group Tteuwaiseu having the comeback ahead with the sixth mini album will be 1. The broadcast which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten is planning to reveal primally the new musical composition ‘YES or YES’ (yeseu it comes) part. It is the year 1 to do the reappearance in ‘the know brother’ which the Tteu Y is worm-eaten. While they shared on ‘cheese kimbap’ scene talk of the Sanaa which this broadcast received many attentions last year, the Ttara Hae smile the veteran agreement word in fashion was caused. Moreover, it opened heart that pleasant on time talk was shared during the life at lodging facility and ‘the midnight meal group’ was among the worm-eaten shooting. They have the group which the people does altogether with 9. The spliced pole spoke as the filial duty whether it was the leader. 9 tunes altogether all Kkeureot the huge popularity announced with the active activity which the Tteu Y greeting the debut year 3 in this year is worm-eaten so far It comes back to the world of singers to the third this year and the application is expected to be kept with 6 album mini album ‘YES or YES’ and same name title song. Meantime, today, (3 days) JTBC ‘the know brother’ which Tteuwaiseu appears is broadcasted at night 9 o’clock. 6 album mini album title song ‘YES or YES’ entire song of the Tteuwaiseu and album recording song is opened through every kind sound source site, and etc. on the coming fifth.
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