Transfer from the critical condition of illness and Sunchon sanatorium to be ‘fighting against lung cancer’ actor divinity.


It was transferred to Seoul to the condition where the actor Shin Sungil (82) who is the fighting against lung cancer middle is in a critical condition. The Shin Sungil was taken away in an ambulance from one sanatorium of Chunnam Sunchon which was treated the recuperation on 3rd in the late afternoon and was moved to the Seoul Gangnam castle trichonosis. One people told among the nearest-neighbor of the Shin Sungil on 3rd, the night “shin Sungil Ssi was moved by the families to Seoul-hospital” “when the who the state of a disease is rapidly aggravated from the recent 2~4 and who is living in U.S.A large-scale daughter knows as one in which he returns to home country”. This close staff told as “the condition where it is in a critical condition as the energies to exceed the today”. After hiting against the lung cancer 3 verdict at June last year, the dead got the anticancer therapy and radiation therapy in the sanatorium located in the Suncheon in South Jeolla Province. It attended every kind of broadcasting programme and twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival opening ceremony among the fighting against a disease and the activity was not rested. The son lecture hall string Ssi had been doing the nursing with the devotion while staying in the sanatorium. And it appeared in ‘the youth of the bare feet’ ‘the hometown of the Byeoldeul’ and ‘the winter woman’ back and the high Shin Sungil which it was known to avoid contact with outsider besides the families never, debuts as the year 1960 movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’s got on the star rank.
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