Also the funeral parlor, to be the high divinity from 1 o’clock, the provision start… Aengran Eom appearance


‘the Korean movie world big star’ high Shin Sungil (the river-god saint’s day ·81) funeral service started from p.m. 1 on 4th and the condolence against began to be hit. The movie men continued in the hall of ceremony of the Shin Sungil prepared in this day ASAN Medical Center funeral hall. The actor Aengran Eom (82) looks in which the staff members of film are the whole wife of Shin among the families and greeting figure between the surviving families was seen. There is the wife Aengran Eom, son lecture hall string (51), and daughter Kyonga (53) · the hydration (48) seed with the surviving family. With using a stick at ASAN Medical Center in which the funeral parlor is prepared around 11 a.m. Aengran Eom whose the body is known to be uncomfortable showed. This day Korean movie actor society informed to it took care to praise the achievement of the Shin Sungil and proceed as the movie tension. The cave chief of a funeral committee was composed of Yeonggyun Shin Korean movie actor society honorary president and Korean Guitarists’ Association executive board, movie director, and etc. Preside over the funeral ceremony on the coming sixth at 10 a.m. It was introduced into 11 o’clock Seoul memorial Park which it follows one hours to move and cremate the deceased. The burial ground is Kyongsangbuk-do Yongchon city hachures where the dead was the house. In the meantime, it had been receiving the anticancer therapy from one sanatorium after hiting against the lung cancer 3 verdict at June last year. The state of a disease was in a critical condition from last third and it was moved to the Chonnam National University hospital but passed away this day at 2 o’clock in the early morning 25 minute.
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