Pass away on 4th lung cancer to be ‘the Korean movie world big star’ divinity.


The nation movie actor Shin Sungil died of today, (4 days) 81 years old. The Korean movie actor society revealed that this day Shin Sungil honor chief director passed away from the lung cancer at half past 2 in the morning of the fourth. After hiting against the lung cancer 3 verdict at June last year, the dead got the anticancer therapy and radiation therapy in the sanatorium located in the Suncheon in South Jeolla Province. The Shin Sungil who is the Kyongsangbuk-do Taegu birth took a step the start in 1937 in 1960 through the movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’ to the actor. All Kkeureot the popularity which appears in ‘the hometown of the Byeoldeul’ ‘ritual service on first anniversary’ back and there is too much after ‘the youth of the bare feet’The popularity which is abundant by the top star of 1,960~1,970 s was admired by the graceful appearance and acting ability deep. The actress Aengran Eom of the best of the day and year 1,964 got married and especially the sensation came with ‘the couple of the intensity’. The Shin Sungil revealed the passion such as keeping the work activity even until 2000’s and appearing on the movie which 500 volumes are over, etc. He was active in the political circle. It entered the political circle due to one selected for the special assistant of Kyongwon Park former minister in 1978 and there is the career which runs for 16 shot elections of member of the National Assembly as Grand National Party candidate and is accepted. It attracted attention with the autobiography. ‘the youth is the bare feet’ was announced in 2011. There was no filtering, its own bygones was opened such as having an affair with the numerous women, etc. In the meantime, the love for the movie was shown in the situation middle where it attended the twenty third time the Pusan International Film Festival opening ceremony taking place in last October and the health is aggravated as the movie man and It became the model which is good for the juniors.
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