The dialogue Txt with you called ‘the celebrity the public property’


The tens hundreds blogs are searched if ‘star’ ‘acquaintance’ ‘composition’ is searched out of every kind of SNS besides the tumbler. It is the blog abundance which it publicizes to make DIP fake contents. The concept is various to the blog which gets the fixed payment from the blog synthesizing the Korean entertainer into the professional and asks to the people composition. It wondered. If the money is really paid, the composition is easily like that possible or any kind of photograph. DIP fake water asked to be made and it requested to the blogger that it got the fixed money and makes the contents. # unexpectedly the price as to for it was easy on the blogger and contact making the infinite variety DIP fake according to the one’s figure, pause, I QUEL, and high QUEL. The messenger ID of was publicly made a note in its own blog. It publicizes to the cheap price to make the photomontage with the various pauses. Although the address was not separately remained, if ‘DM’ (Direct Message) is used for the blog award group, it can talk easily. Because of making DIP fake contents more than 2 years, one blogger and dialogue that it makes a boast of the splendid (?) hand skill was attempted. Under is some among the conversation had with him. He tells in an indifferent way. It is easier in case of the popular known girl group or actress and is cheaper. A bit shocking ‘one’s own reason’ that on reason entertainer which it appropriated the price lower than the people DIP fake water is due to be used like ‘public property’ was added. DIP fake crime starting from U.S.A for the first time was the image changing the face of Neoldeu Do trump American President in the face of Hillery Clinton and pornography which it synthesizes the face of Hollywood famous actress including Beuri Oh plaza, Emma Watson, and etc. Recently, it is becoming a problem while the porn picture of the famous men making into this artificial intelligence composition technique and image spreads indiscreetly to on-line. # the crime (O) dip fake crime the aiming crime (X) people can suffer the entertainer The large-scale reason why it shouldn’t end with ‘cross the river and look on unconcernedly’ is due to be someone or work which can be had done. It was the most to aim at the celebrity to the beginning where the dip fake contents was popular. However, moreover the people can be often visited now to aim. DIP fake diffuser, talking with the reporter moreover, the people synthesized material was proposed in advance. When the part which is noticeable to the eyes among others most made the people DIP fake, the one’s history of the people who It becomes subject of composition asked to be introduced. When asking the reason, then it gives an answer as if it is natural. It will not be happy in the situation (?) where there will be the profile concrete of the partner in the process where it makes DIP fake, and which it creates, it answers. It can be said to be the reason why the people DIP fake water is more expensive than the entertainer. If it talked and DIP fake pornography was not actually requested but it requested, were you how if the money was paid in fact? It is the scary thing if what is heard at my hand.
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