The first place of ‘the perfect others’ movie rank and ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ 500,000 breakthroughs


Solder 한 Korean movie ‘the perfect others’ ranked the first place of movie rank on the 31st of last month. The same day solder heartburnings hollywood movie ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ breaks through 505,470 accumulated audience and is chasing closely. ‘the perfect others’ occupied the first place of standard box office on 4th Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network, that is Sunday, at last third. The accumulated audience reaches to 1.214341 million people. ‘the perfect others’ is the movie put the unpredictable story getting wider due to the game which has to open the call · letters · Kakaotalk which it comes on during the limited time from the couple meeting which seems to be perfect to the cell phone compulsorily. The Damada the Rok Baendeuga Doen ‘the Ppeuredi Meokkyuri’ the Wa ‘Kkwin’ the Dokchangjeogin music of the Kkiudeon Ausaideoeseo legend the dream of the Churyeonhanda.2 Wireul Chajihan ‘the Bohemian Raepsodi’ Neun music and splendid Mudae and Geudeurui Jijja person cause including the actor harmfulness battle formation · the Jojinung · this paper weight · Chunga Yum · Geesu Kim · the eulogy the Ha the gloss, and etc. The Korean movie ‘rampancy’ occupied the third following ‘the perfect others’ ‘bohemian Rhapsody’. On the 31st of last month, the accumulated audience of solder 한 this film was tallied at 1.465307 million people. The desperate struggle of the prince confusion which the San person comes back to Joseon of the crisis from the world in which the Yae ear which the dead is not runs rampant (hyun Bin) and (the Chang Donggeon) given the absolute evil Geimsa that it swallows Joseon was drawn. The quarternity and the fifth appeared for the hollywood movie ‘the magic watch hidden in the inner wall’ and Korean movie ‘Halloween’.
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