“the heart is torn” to be the leaving the world… Aengran Eom · Korean paper to be the star divinity


While ‘the Korean movie world big star’ high Shin Sungil (the river-god saint’s day ·81) funeral service started from p.m. 1 on 4th, the Aengran Eom (82) Ssi, that is the partner of the Ssi, proceeded with the media and interview in ASAN Medical Center. The actor Aengran Eom led the inconvenient body and proceeded with the interview this day around 3 p.m. Aengran Eom said in the front of reporter “the heart is torn”. The actor Korean paper work (the one’s real name quadlification ring) did the exclusive interview. All Heullyeot the tear the Korean paper work is said in the interview “the gift including health food, and etc. was prepared and it is not awarded and that goes” “it is so unfortunate” In the meantime, it looked back “the charisma was unique”, saying that it was “the man doing not know the Shin Sungil no more than movie” this. It appeared together on the movie ‘leaving the Gil ox (1985)’ and was faced with the dead and Korean paper thing for the first time. As to the Korean paper work (the one’s real name quadlification ring), it is known to get ‘one’ of the Shin Sungil appearing together its own stage name and ‘***’ of Kim Geemi and make with the Korean paper work. Maybe so, as soon as it got into the funeral hall, this which pours out and sees the tear the Korean paper work was pitifully done. In the meantime, the condolers who there are many in the funeral hall this day from the afternoon congregated and about 70 garlands arrived from all social standings including the cinema world · political circle.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737212.htm, 2018/11/04 16:41:35]