The high Shin Sungil and continuing procession to the memory The movie fan ‘grief’


The big star of the cinema world goes down. Then for these children love the movie, the wave is connected. The condolence procession is not stopped at the funeral parlor of the actor Shin Sungil. The funeral parlor of the high Shin Sungil was prepared in 4 days (today) ASAN Medical Center funeral hall. The people all social standings found the funeral parlor in unexpected his news of death and the deceased of was cherished the memory. Firstly, the actor Aengran Eom who is the wife revealed the state of mind sending the deceased to the group of reporters in the funeral parlor. He spoke the dead as ‘colleague’ and ” He was not man of the family. It was the man of the society and man of the out-of-door. It reached the work and it entrusted to me and the movie installed and it went and all houseworks were done. It didn’t take care except “1 It came late and slept and went out in the early morning. The schedule was busy. It thought over to be interesting now, it died. It was like this and my fate revealed the sad state of mind. The step of many people ins the public cultural circles was continued. The actor first finds the funeral parlor with the sad face Choi bul-am, group ‘ttuttu’ native Hwanghye the soul, and the former executive president the Pusan International Film Festival Donghoh Kim who visited the funeral parlor and He of was cherished the memory. After that, the actor age of sixty ash, Kim Soo-mi, Cho In sung, and etc. condoled with and the deceased was praised. The numerous stars including the actor conduction kite, Hyegyo Song, Kim Hangil-Choi Myeonggil couple, Jegyu Kang director, Kang Woo Suk director, singer crinum lily, and etc. mourned the deceased as the garland. Moreover, the prime minister, Chonghwan Do the Ministry of culture and sports minister, Kim Boogyeom Ministry of Public Administration and Security minister, Seokgeun Oh Yeonghwajinheungwi director, and etc. opening this pleasure made the harmonization. The movie fans moreover, he donating about 100 volume of movie is recalled in 1960’s in 1970’s and the deceased is mourned. ” sharp dresser star Shin Sungil Nim went away. We life is the same as the flower of the grass. The memory which it is the life which the star made the common poeope like us just a minute and which goes, is ” (hkhh****) and Aengran Eom divinity which is such young and is beautiful Only this Ganeun outlet it disappears altogether in the time It is the spring dream, one age gets dark really with ” (tory****). The heavenly bliss of the dead is prayed to live, the reaction of ” (myso****) back is shown. The funeral service is held with the movie tension. The morning the movie men whose the deceased and friendship was close visited the condolence earlier on usually and the funeral procedure was discussed. The film festival people concerned including Korean movie actor society, and etc. discussed the concrete procedure about the funeral with the surviving family. It was decided to proceed as the movie tension (the funeral procedure where it takes care to praise the achievement of the artist contributing to the development of Korean movie). The dead undergone the disturbance due to the articles changed with the death incorrect report which in the afternoon on 3rd time, that is the day before, is not previously. The situation of the if was prepared and the families reserved the funeral hall in his who is all of a sudden dangerously ill condition and the rumor about death spreads to this. After families canceled the funeral parlor reservation and waited and saw the progress but the quarter of a day was unable to be past and in conclusion, it had to inform the obituary before. The high Shin Sungil passed away after Ppyeamtubyeongha a.m. 2 on 4th 25 minute in 1 for the half.
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