‘the seduction U.S’ which the hand is better and the spirit cannot approach


The group A pink member and Sonnaeun released the fascinating fascination. Sonnaeun attended in the movie ‘the Yeo cry’ media distribution trade show which is held in CGV Aippakkeu mole as the Yongsan gu Han River in the afternoon on 1st. This day Sonnaeun created the elegant mood matching the autumn with the outfit of Brown line. The long skirt in which the pleat detail in the knit turtleneck of which the retail of the trumpet is impressive is impressive was worn. The wave was and deposited in the hair which is the black long and the innocent beauty was emphasized. And the ring earring and black ankle boots which here the gold is thick was matched and the feminine atmosphere was doubled in the style. ‘the Yeo cry’ in which Sonnaeun plays an active part as the star is having the unsealing ahead with the jade powder that gets to let the foot in one mansion in which the strange death done not know the cause is continued fortuitously (the person who is the hand better) and mystery horror movie drawing the truth of Shin wife (the Seo YoungHee) Lee inside of a house keeping a secret and detail that it faces on the coming eighth.
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