Are you more expensive than * Reu Swe because of being ‘the new book organic 6’ and * Borghi?


‘the new book organic’ production crew caused the thing and once. The Ieot money goes for the lesson gotten from the season 4. One the betting the enormous free gift is set up against the members However, the goddess of the victory raised the hand of the monsters with this. The last season when continuously ‘garak Song’ Minhoh Song bought the advanced imported car The gift in which Eun Jiwon is surprising said be obtained in this season. The Nayong seat PD was once and devastated. The next week broadcast installment was partly revealed in the TvN variety program broadcasted in the afternoon on 4th ‘the new book organic season 6’ first the end. The story of the members who ‘the new book organic’ series gathers the dragon ball primally altogether next week as well and who get wish is planning to be drawn. The members gathering the dragon ball altogether progress the free gift betting in the revealed scene with the production crew once again. As it was like that every time, in case of giving the difficult mission and succeeding this super luxury free gift could be obtained and the production crew stimulated the members. However, the expectation of the production crew that the mission will be impossible was attractively broken. One Eun Jiwon succeeding the mission One that as to one, attracting attention the free gift which Eun Jiwon wins is the free gift which is costly than the imported car mission which Minhoh Song succeeded last yearEun Jiwon succeeded the mission and the beat Deut liked, on the other hands, Tteosseok the Nayong seat PD dropped down on the surprised other middle of shooting ground. The petty trick of ‘the new book organic’ members leading the looks done ary brass bowl of the production crew repeating the same mistake and mission which is likely to be impossible to the success every time The expectation of the TV viewer is amplified for remaining ‘the new book organic 6′ broadcast installment. The new book organic 6’ is broadcasted every Sunday at 10:40 p.m.
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