Chinyeong Park and 18.9 billion won ‘jackpot’… with JYP use of preemptive rights, why.


All Naet the evaluation gain of about 18.9 billion won with Chinyeong Park who is the largest shareholder representative producer of JYP entertainment the use of preemptive rights Issuing the stock after the company establishing freshly the preemptive right says the right which first is assigned this stock. JYP entertainment announced publicly at last second because Chinyeong Park stockholder exerted the subscription rights of the longing bond with warrant of about 3 billion won. As to the strike price of the preemptive right, 1 drinker 4,311 won and event stock number corresponds to the total shares issued contrast 2.01% with the total of 695,894 weeks. The company side revealed “did you prepare with the item in which Chinyeong Park shareholder exerts the preemptive right document, the calls on shares completed 3 billion won prepared with the individual stock mortgage lending with the event payment of the company?”. Chinyeong Park the use of preemptive rights, at last second, all Eodeot the evaluation gain of the total 18.9 billionwon scale in JYP closing price (31,500 won) the standard drinker 27,189 won
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