‘it joins to be narrow’ EXID and integer comeback decision only the year 2


The Idol group EXID comes back to the integer. Like this, EXID (LE, purification, and Hyerin it is narrow it does) agency banana incubation entertainment revealed in formal report data on 5th and informed the joining of the leader brush magnetism before. After it is narrow, the hyperthyroidism diagnose verdict against is hit last December 2016 and the interim stops the working, this is the news of the year 2. As to agency, “EXID comes back among November. When being the album which the leader is narrow, the album this time returns, then It is planning to become the album to have the color EXID Dap most. The many cheer and interests was asked and conveyed. 5 records of consecutive victories were formed through MBC ‘the mask king of singer’ as ‘the Dongmakgol girl’ recently to be previously narrow. He seems to be the fans to make ” me stand from the broadcasting. It feels sorry for the fans. I could return anytime. It will recompense for the song which will be truly thankful and is good. It will keep promised one. It loved, the impressions was conveyed. Meantime, as to EXID, November starts the working again.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737241.htm, 2018/11/05 10:41:59]