Junsu Kim, today, (5 days) global… dispute on is stepped and the return is succeeded.


The compliance (XIA and one’s real name Junsu Kim) of the group JYJ (the containing Yoo stuff compliance) finished the obliged police service of 21 months in the morning on 5th and it came back to the fan neighborhood. Junsu Kim was discharged from the global type to the half an hour from the Kyonggi-do Suwon-city Jangan-gu haze building South Gyeonggi Province police ask by the end a.m. 9 on 5th. In this day field, the colorful placard putting the cheering message of which local and foreign congratulate the global of Junsu Kim pans of about 500 person which are various was brought and the feed back of ‘korean entertainer’ was congratulated. The global type was finished and Junsu Kim conveyed “it was blunt in 1 for 9 months the distant way is come and put in this way and it thanks” “the fans never fall heavily in this way” the global impression from the group of reporters and front of the fan. After that, it rises to “it would first like to sleep throughly and the travel on wants to be gone” ” stage and the good looks would like to be presented. It will return to the stage will taking the recharge time, and it told. Junsu Kim shared and the end that it congratulates ” (with JYJ members). It will don’t know if when will come to stop at the stage as the integer. However, it will discuss and explained. He mentioned the pass after “the specific plan will reveal in the media. However, it is planning to make the fans and breathed chance in the stage personally much” the global. After entering the Nonsan army recruit training center at February last year and finishing the specified period military drill, Junsu Kim carried out the military service to the South Gyeonggi Province Local Police Agency public relation association position between 21 months. It was Junsu Kim engaging faithfully in the military life but is faced with the predicament and rises to the malicious gossip with the bad factor following one after another for the period of service in relation with the real estate which He possesses and the trouble is paid. The reason Junsu Kim lost a lawsuit the construction company lodged the lawsuit the Jeju hotel cost of construction which He holds became a problem For the unpaid amount, the bad news stacked and in the process including the bond transition, and etc. such as another real estate was put to forced sale by auction, etc. At that time, the Jeju district court judged the winning lawsuit in 2 the construction company proposes against Junsu Kim deposit money lawsuit in “kim pays 3.8 billion won to the construction company” the complainant. It appeals promptly through the attorney and there is the unjust part, the Junsu Kim appeals in relation with this judgment. The fans are the sense hoping his comeback with the hot welcome separately from this on the umbilical cord of Junsu Kim. Was the number in which Junsu Kim brushed off ‘the real estate dispute’ after the getting one’s breath flying and which flies once again? Eye and ear of the men are leaning if the dignity of Korean entertainer JYJ can be once and shaken off.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737255.htm, 2018/11/05 10:47:07]