Meet the Shinyang Park X high string feeling. The team Lake 2′ casting decision


The actor Shinyang Park and Hyunchung Ko comes back to TV. KBS, on 5th, 2 ‘ the neighborhood lawyer team Lake with formal report data: It revealed that actor Shinyang Park and Hyunchung Ko was selected to the Crime And Punishment ‘ to the starring. The heresy, As to Shinyang Park, Hyunchung Ko feels the primary center one group director of planning and coordination Lee, Yi Jakyong of the great evil the lawyer team Lake. Firstly, it fights man to man joyfully with the absolute power and it has the powerful weapon which there was no in the ago and the resentful team smallpox plays an active part as the peculiar smooth heretic nap. However, it becomes to encounter the ugly fact visiting the past and present often and the rival Lee, Yi Jakyong (hyunchung Ko) of the life maximum is met and it gets to be the bee and the big crack occurs the intense match in the one’s and justice which He kept. Hyunchung Ko to keep time with him changes into Lee, Yi Jakyong station who is the Office of Planning & Coordination chief officer managing the entire group with the real force getting the favor of the bureau one group president to It become the center of the great evil among the pole. The remarkable business ability is exhibited without the error of the chi which it seems to be endowed for seeing apparently and which has the grace but it is elegant the real state is the cruel character who there is no human feeling and who doesn’t distinguish the means and way from the profit. KBS 2TV the new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘ the neighborhood lawyer team Lake 2: All greens the next of the Crime And Punishment ‘it leaves the theater by the high audience rating called 17.3% (nielsen Korea national standard) last May 2016’ the neighborhood lawyer team Lake ‘ and new storyMeantime, 2 ‘ the neighborhood lawyer team Lake: The Crime And Punishment ‘ is planning to be broadcasted in KBS 2TV on January, 2019.
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