‘SNS comeback’ after everyone dispute including “it feels sorry and is appreciated”… Sunghoon Kang, love affair · suspicion of embezzlement, and etc.


SNS (the social relationship network service) activity was resumed in just 2 months whether the group Jekseukkiseu member Sunghoon Kang (38) apologized on many malicious gossips and the late position was revealed. The article was published in Instagram on 4th and Sunghoon Kang transmitted the mind which felt sorry for the fans and is thankful. As to Sunghoon Kang, publishing the self camera with the photo which the previous post uploads on 29 frequently usually SNS causing the controversy due to the majority case was not active in last August. Sunghoon Kang took off the rhyme from the text “lacking to be many I was been good and given in this way and it was appreciated”. The word that after that He feels sorry for thankful yous neverthless give me the Mit Eo yet it feels sorry for you (the fans) there am no I relieved of the mind love to the end it knows late one the word which I can install And it told that it was appreciated. It was and you to remain for ” I. It will be uncovered, the nuance which seems to desire that any truth was uncovered of was smelled. It rose to many malicious gossips including the love affair with the fan club administrator, contribution suspicion of embezzlement, face a lawsuit because of Taiwan fan meeting cancellation, toughness dispute, and etc. recently and Sunghoon Kang got the scolding of the fans. There was the throwing out request voice about him. For this reason, it was absent from the opening Jekseukkiseu solo concert. And Japan fan meeting was canceled. Sunghoon Kang reveals through the official position door published in the person fan club Huni world in last September “it is truly sorry to cause anxiety” “the part which there is being adverse criticism will be confirmed more in detail and the part going wrong will offer the apology. When it will resolve a misunderstanding and in order to will correct, it will try,”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737258.htm, 2018/11/05 11:08:38]