The Choi bul-am “the achievement which the high Shin Sungil and romantic actor… leave shines long”


The actor Choi bul-am consoled the spirit of the high Shin Sungil. The funeral reception room of the high Shin Sungil prepared in ASAN Medical Center funeral hall was visited at last fourth afternoon and Choi bul-am told the meaning of the condolence. The surviving families including wife Aengran Eom, and etc. sat up with the corpse and the age of sixty ash, Kim Soo-mi, Sangwon Park, Lim Haryong, Cho In sung, the former the Pusan International Film Festival executive president Donghoh Kim, and etc. visited the funeral parlor including the co-actor/co-actress Choi bul-am and the deceased was condoled with. As to this day Choi bul-am, the star disappeared. If it was a little more as the performer of our age, it was good but was unable to be like that and was a pity, if “***” little was finer, it was good but is a pity. The street wishes to be immortalized for a long time the dead leaves. It was the heavenly bliss of the dead vacant and the regrettable state of mind was conveyed. After that, it was the existence very romantic with ” (shin Sungil), the acting hero was all the time done with “***” mail. It was different from the actors like us. The self management was done well. When having a pain, the juniors were surprised and it added. The dead died previously among the fighting against lung cancer at last fourth in the morning. The funeral parlor was prepared in 24 rooms of ASAN Medical Center funeral hall and the carrying a coffin out of the house is kept strictly on 6th. In the meantime, the high Shin Sungil, that is the Kyongsangbuk-do Taegu birth, took a step the start in 1960 through the movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’ to the actor. All Kkeureot the popularity which appears in ‘the hometown of the Byeoldeul’ and ‘ritual service on first anniversary’ back and there is too much after ‘the youth of the bare feet’
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