The damage caused hail battle formation and Japan fan meeting successful closing…’3 hour ‘ of the enthusiasm


The actor damage caused hail battle formation was not only for Korea and it deluded till the Japanese Islands. The stingy agency mountain movement revealed that damage caused hail battle formation finished Japan fan meeting as formal report data in the prosperity Ri on 5th. The damage caused hail gin did the box Jjeum in Japan found again with this fan meeting in just 5 months for the fans and 3 times Yeo. For the Instagram posting opening to the public of started the movie ‘the Chijeuindeo gangway’ trade show sequel to the story and damage caused hail real intention the fan meeting according to the agency recently. After that, ‘the life character of the seaquake’ finals in which the fans vote in the standpoint progressed in the work talk. The time which saw the best action of the work in which it is various from the KBS2 ‘Moonnan So Kongchoo Chil’, that is the debut work, to ‘my daughter Seo the soul’ SBS ‘you breaking out at the star’ ‘the doctor foreigner’ JTBC ‘man-to-man’ movie ‘the Chijeuindeo gangway’ and when it listens to the reason why it selects as the best work from the fans was prepared. The life character of the damage caused hail battle formation was discussed along with the fans. “because the talk serious toward the character who cannot do could be talked with beating everyone in where, it was meaningful” the damage caused hail battle formation delivered the impressions to this, the real Q&A of the fans and damage caused hail battle formation spread with 2 in the sheet. From art to individual life, OX quiz in which all audiences take part was prepared and the damage caused hail gin answering to the question kept the space of the communication. Finally, the fan meeting was finished as one association taking a photograph and high touch with the background. The damage caused hail gin will hold up the pleasant news and will visit again with the good looks soon. At that time, the say goodbye of was given, saying that if the fans will want, the idol dance will be eagerly tried. Meantime, the agency told to be the plan in which the damage caused hail battle formation will hold the next year overseas fan meeting after Japan.
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