The Gyunsang Yoon X Kim warm-heartedness ‘first of all, it cleans hotly’ and couple poster opening to the public…’The pink Simkung ‘


The actor Gyunsang Yoon and Yoochung Kim come back to the healing romance in the asepsis nothing. JTBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘first of all, it cleans hotly’ advertisement agency blood registered jack opened the drama couple poster to formal report data on 5th. The poster included two shots of Gyunsang Yoon undertaking Songyeol Jang role among the pole and Yoochung Kim undertaking the Giro brush role. ‘the cute bacteria came to the mysophobia asepsis south’ can see the looks in which Gyunsang Yoon kisses gently on the cheek of Yoochung Kim and which is in the poster with the phrases. This with the action which Songyeol Jang opposite which Gyunsang Yoon is resentful is noble according to the public relation agency when being the cleaning the human appointed task the cleaning agency ‘the fairy of the cleaning’ CEO everyone Moreover, the acted Giro brush station is the job hunter who the luxury comes the cleanness as well as the love because of ranging over all part time works in the world and tapping the employment of the door. All greens the story which gets to join the fairy of the cleaning which ‘the integrity south’ Songyeol Jang of the incompatibility which first of all, cleans hotly and in which ‘with the concept of hygiene I who gives up that reality inside dry and cloggy is neat’ green-lentil jelly ‘ (the woman giving up the cleanness) the Giro brush suffers from the mysophobia manages and which it experiencesMeantime, JTBC new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘first of all, it cleans hotly’ broadcasts come 11 month 26 day at 9 o’clock at night 30 minute.
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