The horror movie and ‘the Yeo cry’ ‘door lock’ come in the winter


“is the horror movie on the winter?” All Chaneun the movie ‘the Yeo cry’ and ‘door lock’ this winter theater district These works breaking the formal called ‘the summer = horror movie’ generally foretold the pole lecture cold by the chilled fear. ◆ the Korean style horror movie ‘the Yeo cry’ (feat coming back 1,986 Nyeon Jak ‘the Yeo cry’ considered the first leading role) biggest in history horror movie which the hand is better was remade in 33 years and it came back. The actor Seo YoungHee and member Sonnaeun of the girl group A pink took care of the starring in the Korean style horror movie which is rare to see in the theater district recently. All Damat the Machoo Ha the it cannot imagine cool truth of Shin wife which ‘the Yeo cry’ gets to let the foot in one mansion in which the death which the jade powder (the person who is the hand better) having the special ability will don’t know the cause is continued fortuitously, keeps a secret (the Seo YoungHee) and family the story The movie comes for the Shin wife drinks the chicken blood scene including the earthworm noodles, ten thousand (only) person of jade powder which It became the topic, scene, in which and etc. from the original. Yeongson Yoo director told “in order to produce with the style which was to the utmost modern and is sensitive, it tried”. The Seo YoungHee exposing previously the strong sense of existence through ‘court lady’ ‘chaser’ ‘the details of Bognam Kim murder case’ etc. leaves the certainly strong impression in ‘the Yeo cry’. Overwhelm the screen with the expression as well as changed constantly the cool expression. Sonnaeun is planning to show splendid on stage looks and other looks. It was the origin of lowly people but told the He “the looks of another I am likely to be shown, it is likely to be fresh to choose the first starring movie as the announcement” undertaking jade powder role which it gets to come in the household of the gentry. ‘the Yeo cry’ opens on November 8th and is the watchable over the age of 15. ◆ the real reality announcement ‘door lock’ (feat ‘door lock’ notifying pole lecture announcement in advance opens December to the self-boarding student principle) self-boarding students. ‘door lock’ is the reality announcement thriller which starts while the murder case happens at the opening door lock, trespass mark of the stranger, and studio of the Kyongmin (hyochin Kong) lived alone. Previously revealed ‘door lock’ preview was sufficient to stimulate ‘announcement’ of many men. While the door lock which the fingerprint of the others asks fully, taps the midnight door uninvited guest of the door, and Kyongmin falls asleep, unfamiliar Ja is raising the expectation for the movie with the scene, and etc. which has been being long under the bed. ‘door lock’ started in the original called Spanish ‘the Sleep Tight (the slip tight)’. The concession director told “in order to write the new scenario fitting for the sentiment of Korea, it worried” “it worried together in order to draw the character of the actor making the ball filial duty and Kyongmin in three dimensions”. All Moeun the interest with the relation which as to current work, the Lee, Yi Gamdok and hole filial duty real intention is peculiar The youngest Lee, Yi Gamdok where it is in charge of the slate got to meet by the director and star in Hyochin Kong and extention part debutting as the movie in the movie ”Horror Story in a Girls’ High School’ second opinion story’ for the first time in 1999 after 19 years. ” work was prepared and the Lee, Yi Gamdok was not if Hyochin Kong was rolled and the other actor came into mind. The best playing a role of the detailed feeling of Kyongmin casting reason which it thought to learn, it makes the ball filial duty was revealed. It makes the ball filial duty it engaged doing the best. He took a picture of the action scene in the freezing cold of 17 degrees below zero constantly in order to serve the struggle of Kyongmin vividly. It was cold as much as the camera froze in that time of photographing cold weather but the bare feet fighting spirit was spread and He performed enthusiastically. Kim appear even if the besides ‘door lock’ makes the ball filial duty Yaewon Kim and Kim surname which comes. 12 month unsealings
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