The Jeonhyebin X Mun Hui Jjeum ‘the mermaid legend’ and 12 kind the steel opening to the public…’The coolness & healing ‘


The movie ‘the mermaid legend’ revealed the report steel. The mermaid legend ‘ (the director Oh Houttuynia cordata Thunb · manufacture Co. Person Paris film) manufacturer informed the unsealing through formal report data with twelve kinds of report steel on 5th on November 15th. The actor plays role of the starring Jeonhyebin and which Mun Hui Jjeum and aspects of leading and supporting actor actors were included in the still cut, the synchronized swimming performance of the actors can be seen in 12 photoes including the clear and cool Jeju sea. Moreover, the overall content of the movie is drawn till the looks swiming the inside the water from the scene which pulls the scene and wheelbarrow recruiting the synchronized team and which it is flustered. The mermaid legend ‘ is no pollution comedy movie drawing the complications synchronized period of electric conduction of Jeju woman diver. The Jeju native director and leading and supporting actor actors and staffs took part and the solidarity of the women in Jeju Island and new challenge were drawn. Jeonhyebin is resentful as the coach ‘yeong-Ju’ coming from Seoul to the synchronized swimming former member of national team for the synchronized swimming show of Jeju woman diver. Moreover, the female diver ‘ok letter’ station which did the substance and acts the life the work toughly was undertaken. Meantime, ‘the mermaid legend’ opens come November 15th.
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