The night cinema world colleague and people all social standings shortens on 4th and the funeral parlor to be the high holy condoles with.


The provision of the cinema world colleagues and people all social standings was connected to the funeral parlor of the high Shin Sungil (81) on 4th until late at night. The dead passed away after Ppyeamtubyeongha this day at 2:25 a.m. The actor Sunggi Ahn ins charge of the chairman of funeral and it is held with the movie tension (burial on the third day after death). The carrying a coffin out of the house is 6 days. The burial ground is the Yeongcheon in North Gyeongsang Province hachures. The wife Aengran Eom and daughters sat up with the corpse including the actor lecture hall string Ssi, that is this day son, and the mourners were met. The Aengran Eom and who is the surviving family Ministry of Culture round which it pushes the fellow celebrities and the former the Pusan International Film Festival executive president Donghoh Kim, Lee Ju-Young vicespeaker, Kim Boogyeom minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs, leproma including Choi bul-am, age of sixty ash, Byeongchin Choo, Moon Sung-Geun, Sunggi Ahn, brown rice, over wall, Soonlee En, Lim Haryong, Sangwon Park, Cho In sung, Kim Soo-mi, and etc. while the children sit up with the corpseThe movie and acquaintances in the political circle including the pipe, Seokgeun Oh Yeonghwajinheungwi director, and etc. visited the funeral parlor. The front of funeral parlor met the group of reporters, Aengran Eom was not man who is the family this day around 3 p.m. It was the man in society and man of the out-of-door. It was crazy about the work and neverthless it could respect and the man who entrusted to me and expects the movie lived together for the year 55 and the family revealed the intention for the dead. The actor Korean paper thing siting up with the corpse with this day until late at night was said “it is the person inspiring the very special love to the lifetime I and is so painful”. The He “in order to go to meet at Sunchon sanatorium a few days ago, it communicated by telephone and to leave there was a little and it could be said to come and was unable to go” readied to cry “in order to when ask the senior, it bought up with the health food and will don’t know whether this will be any kind of unreasonable scolding”. The dead is the star representing the Korean movie world dominated 1,960~1,980 s. It appeared in the work of about 500 Yeo chapter in the age of 23 in 1960 since debutting as the movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’ of Sin Sang-ok director.
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