The Ppyeonji② which the rookie thick lunch and member · parent · fan steps


The rookie Boy group thick lunch (the D-CRUNCH and Hyunuk sheer O.V Min hyuk Hyun-woo Hyeono chan the soul minister Dilran D-CRUNCH) confessed the friendship with the member. In addition, the thankful feeling toward the fan was delivered and the warm micro was evoked. Before coming back as the first mini album next month, the thick lunch was the Seoul Mapo on the 16th of last month and interviewed in Sung cancer Ro Deoppaekteu office building. As to the thick lunch debutting as the first single ‘0806’ on last August 6th, the members took part in the tunes to come out of the afterward as well as the debut song in the composition writing the lyrics choreographing creation, and etc. initiative. It is the self-styled ‘the self-production rock’. In this day interview, the members making the thick lunch 2 leader and two films were represented and the mind was expressed. As to leader, Hyunuk and Obeu and youngest are 17-year-old person of the same age minister and Dilran. It helped. When being insufficient, it pulled and the belief and trust appeared. It is the one’s strength of our team to do the interaction well. The understanding and consideration seems to be done well (smile). I was unable to come up to this seat if there were no friend I. There is too much so far to help in the side and the thankful mind is great. If it lasted long and the nicer thick lunch changed into the belief and trust, it will be good. 2. it is the family. It would like to love and say to the members that it is appreciated. (the leader Hyunuk) the other members was likely to have a lot of the inconvenience because ” I was the leader. It is the place in which the opinion was different and where there was the situation where it grants because of being the leader. It was thankful to the members who it didn’t cavil T and there was no on decision unnecessary remark, passed and give. Because there are the believe members, whenever it decides, the sense is loaded. The style doing this unit of measure frequently is not. The word which this seat appears, it would like to do on is decided. One people, one people are precious. ‘how do the members think?’It thinks always. It is trying to respect more and consider. The members seem to inspire the belief to me little by little more. It is accomplishing together. It is the work which doesn’t come to that single. (the leader Obeu) Thank really. It lives with the members and my another point seems to discovered and it is learning much. The brother gets and it is the same as the teacher (smile). Really thank. And the brothers install so comfortably. It says live with the brothers and there is no hard one at all. (the youngest minister) ” thick lunch 9 people are seem to install together. The role that each ins charge of is done well, thank you I was doing with the brothers from 15 year old and the brothers created really my personality (smile). Endlessly the man called I was young. It is young still but the brothers help and it seems to become mature much. Thank you The brothers show up for my life and give. It would like to last long with the brother (smile)s. (the youngest Dilran) 9 members expressed the feeling of ‘inspection’ which it is unable to talk to the parents so far. It is the thick lunch which suppresses to the full the mind getting deeply affected and which it shows the sincerity in one word, one word. Thank the parents really. Positively the parents supported when I said dream of the singer. Live happily healthily always. For a long time. And I, as to the hometown is Ul-san. But it is never once not the expression of affection the Haet Eo on the ago to the parents to visit Seoul. It will do much in the future. Love. (the chan the soul) it was old to first of all have the dream called singer. The mother waits silently for a long time and it thanks really. It is the prettier son and proud son Doel crab. It will try more and will love much. The mom can love. (Hyeono) it is short and acts. Because of ordering the sumptuousness from now, it has a pain but give the end child. (Hyun-woo) it will not tell so that ” I can draw. There am I because there is the parents. Be encouraged because of being always at the side. (Min hyuk) it was able to make debut because there was ” parents. Thank really. (Sheer) there will be a lot of the word which it would like to do but it will tell shortly. It could be like that and the child’s part debut can be made all ones to the due to mother. The many supports were run and my dream is made and thanked you. The director came for my action in the area of which the mother is far. It would like to tell because it supports much and I undertake this. (Minister) ” parents are always shifted of me and it thanks you. Can you tell in being what? It is always appreciated and loves. It will do more eagerly in the future and will be reborn as the nicer son. It will try. (Hyunuk) the word that it is always thankful to ” mother on was unable to be decided. So, the thankful word on would like to be decided. It is shy in the before and the word is not Ohdeo Na (smile). It would like to tell surely through this interview. Because of having only the word that the word which can be done is appreciated and it is sorry. Surely the pension which will do eagerly and which it promises will be bought. (Dilran) the lifetime where trip was unable to go away because of ” our parents and last son looking after. Surely it would like to reward the parent. There is the reason why it selects this job in order to repay. Do eagerly. And it is felt that it worries in telling like one which the parents doesn’t worry always. The worry will not be born. It will do eagerly so that the parents day can, can stop and it can, can rest. Gotten one would like to be all given back to the parents. (Obeu) finally, the members were represented and it greeted the fans. The thick lunch is the name in which the powerful performance of as breaking the diamond, that is the hardest object, and aspiration that it will have the musical ripple force are contained with the abbreviation of ‘the diamond Crunch’. The thick lunch having the great teamwork and versatile nap The expectancy leans to these passes finishing the preparation which finishes the ardor and in which it meets the public. It will devote as the identity of in the future thick lunch. It will be good if our fan lifetime was seen. If the people getting to know we refreshingly connived well with ‘this group is holding this identity and it is advancing’, they will be good. The before will be eagerly read and unconditionally it will run. (hyunuk)
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