The spectrum and ‘wat, 2 child Du’ opening to the public… writing and composing songs participation


The group spectrum brought out the new musical composition ‘wat, 2 the child Du (What do I do)s’ sound source in the afternoon on 4th and it came back in just 4 months, 4 days agency window entertainment told that spectrum brought out the second opinion mini album ‘the timeless moment’ through the report material on 4th. The spectrum debutting as ‘it ignites’ on last May 10th came back in just 4 months and participated in the writing the lyrics and composition. The title song ‘wat, 2 child Du’ is the tune of which the polished atmosphere and bit are impressive. The code court lady participating in the composition of the main song ‘the Naya I’ of the produce 101 season 2 after ‘it ignites’, that is the debut title song, ins charge of moreover, the number producing and the publics expectancy is gathered. After meeting with the fans through the showcase on 2nd, the spectrum sold the sound source and music video in every kind of music site p.m. 8 on 4th. The second opinion mini album is opened through the off line record store on 6th and it has been being the active musical activity.
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