“the stomach is likely to be chapped”… this intelligence and month of parturition recent condition opening to the public


The girl group shop singer of origin and actor this intelligence revealed the parturiency picture. As to this intelligence, ” pear is likely to be chapped in its own Instagram at last fourth. The pregnancy 9 month D-Day-50 Yeo day The self parturiency picture The photo of the leaf was uploaded with the writing of the content that it is my forearm ” among this Wa really human. The revealed photo inside this wisdom has the appearance which is taken a picture of beautiful one’s D line put in the mirror. The luxury goods body line which there is no indignity in the month of parturition was boasted and it attracted attention. These netizens are sending this message of “congratulate so” “it wishes to give an easy birth to” etc. cheer. In the meantime, the heyday of the second is spent during and there is after the shop dismantling in every kind of variety program as well as the solo singer activity as the multi-talented entertainer. This intelligence, at September last year, all Maeeot the people of 3 years old associative memories and marriage vow The bridegroom be reported that be the warm-hearted guy having the warm nature with the people of 3 years old associative memories.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737263.htm, 2018/11/05 11:22:06]