The truth with the sexual violence width of…2 Hongkong actor Gyeolyeong Nam death


It had astern the life which Hongkong actor Gyeolyeong Nam (Ranjeing), as to the curve forms and passed away. 55 years olds of one’s age at deathGyeolyeong Nam was found out according to a lot of media including Hong Kong South China Maoning post, and etc. at last third with dying in this day midnight Jjeum one’s home bathroom. The exact sign was not uncovered yet but with being no possibility of homicide the police is seeing. When the rescue member broke the door and the local press went into the one’s home, Gyeolyeong Nam was being known to be the condition where it dies already, Gyeolyeong Nam who is 1963 the former played role of the starring in the several movies and drama with the actress of the Hong kong TVB native. Especially the love which is big for the excel appearance and acting ability excel was gotten. The performed movie is the movie ‘the Seoyugi-moonlight incorporate’ and ‘the Seoyugi 2-Cinderella’ etc. But the common life which the actor is not was not smooth. The suicide of the boyfriend, sexual violence, hysterocele fighting against a disease, and etc. was undergone and it displayed to the spirit weird adventure and the entertainment world activity was stopped. Furthermore, it is known to be pestered. While being like that, Gyeolyeong Nam was disclosed that it was the sexual violence due to its own mental illness and the large-scale ring on the water rose. One which it insists that mind weird adventure arose from one movie due to the sexual violence As to the sexual predator, the additional new arable land the who is the colleague actor upper part and back honor was indicated. It refuted strongly to be “one which the news that it raped Gyeolyeong Nam is all fabricated” that it increases the additional new arable land the upper part in this. It is active as the actor and director of the Hong kong which the additional new arable land the upper part increases, producer, dramatist, MC, and etc. till now. The etc. honor died already from the cardiac disease in 2011.
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