The unseal ‘YG jewel case’… Yaedam Bang implication group A circle 7 people opening to the public


YG entertainment itself survivor program ‘YG jewel case’ got rid of the veil. YG entertainment (under YG enter) published ‘YG jewel case’ trainee person images in VLIVE and YouTube on 5th. ‘YG jewel case’ is the male group debut survivor program, that is the god which YG entertainment launches. It is 7 people including Yaedam Bang and the trainee opened as this day first belongs in A group group. Each personal images show the performance ability representing the profile, the greetings and each one. The group A revealed today was composed of the members who the period for trainee is relatively long. Include the most string seat participating Seonghun Kim introducing me as the car trainee Yaedam Bang and 9 annual equation trainee master artisan in over JTBC ‘the mix court lady’ televised October in the forefront in 6. The Gimjun the private boils down Gyu, Seonghun Kim, Doyeong Kim, and this moving story which was together introduced. YG enter revealed as “it is the plan which it will introduce 29 jewel case trainee beginning with 5 days over 4 days altogether until 8th”. Moreover, it added. After that, it explained to be “one which it digs up the actuality music know-how of production of YG which it has been building for 22 years and internal system one by one and there is no filtering, ‘YG jewel case ‘ televises the process of birth of thises”. # unawares, the voice of the devilishness shown 17 years old Bangyedambang example was pointed out as its own fascination and it spoke to the age of 11 compared with the time “the voice thickened and it was musicallly luxurious as the transformer”. Moreover, the self-confidence was expressed. # as to 19 years old Gimjun Gyu that it is confident to the good-looking koala Gimjun Gyu vocalist, laughed one is similar and there is the nickname called koala. Asked for the good-looking koala, the end that “it starts. And” voice is ‘YG style’ was much taken. It wanted to come to the singer where there is the influence and to told. # 20 years old most string seat that it came across the hiphop the fashionista most string seat big bang expressed the earnest heart with the word called “because of being the company which it had been yearning very since being young, surely it would like to make debut”. # the trainee master artisan Kim multiplication warm air multiplication Korean translation of Chinese character starts the trainee life from ” elementary school 4 grade and is already the car in 9. It thought when this was the last opportunity and because of be said to being the porridge Eo, surely it wanted to make debut and was the aspiration the steps. # the charms richman Doyeong Kim steam Do the soul “it would like to inform the world” told “it is practicing much so that it is all good at the dance and song, it can come to the field and different singer”. It is the homemaker in home and Doyeong Kim is holding the unique nickname called ‘watefulness’ which imitates the one’s own name and is made. # the Gammiroubnoiseu this moving story person moving story introduced me “the neck draws and it is quiet and is called as the quiet giraffe ‘” “if the character is quiet and it gets to debut as the singer, it would like to be in charge of the serious position”. As to yG jewel case ‘, after being altogether composed of 10 and being preopened on the coming 16th at 10 p.m. in VLIVE, the same time is revealed to the JTBC2 and YouTube at 12 o’clock at night.
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