The weekend 1 ‘the perfect others’ and 1.66 million breakthrough… the break-even point sight


The movie ‘the perfect others’ occupying the unsealing first weekend and theater district was putting the break-even point breakthrough close at hand, 5 days Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network was revealed that last weekend, (2 days ~4 day) movie ‘the perfect others’ (the supervision suffering Gyu manufacture film monster) ranking about 1.1731 million audience and about 1.6646 million the accumulated audience. . It is the first place of weekend box office. The highest opening score is recorded among the unsealing comedy movie this year. All eyes is turned to the performance rate of ‘the perfect others’ breaking most through 1 million accumulated audience with the overspeed. The winning audience of ‘the perfect others’ is faster than the performance speed of the hottest popularity domestic movie man ‘supervising’ recording the first half of the year 5.2013 million Yeo people accumulated number of spectator. The break-even point is observed as 1.8 million accumulated audience to jump over this midweek this number of spectator lightly. All Geuryeot the talk which ‘the perfect others’ meet the audience gets wider by the game opening the detail including about is sharing the memory since childhood it comes on during the limited time from the couple meeting of the friends to the cellphone it loses in 40 call, text message, messenger, and etc. compulsorily last month from 31st Chunga Yum Geesu Kim eulogy Ha gloss Kyonghoh Yoon, and etc. made the Jojinung ether which it makes the actor harmfulness came forward by the star and it took an active part. The movie arouses the sympathy of the audience of the realistic meterial. The interest with is given as the get excited story and careful smile code. ‘the perfect others’ is spreading the word of mouth which people of all ages and both sexes select till 50 about 44% of 5 days “20 shot audiences based on the advance purchase support. The word of mouth of the movie could consider as the performance elasticity large-scale point and it revealed and ‘ word of mouth ‘ was analyze with the performance factor. The same period ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ records the audience 45,000 Yeo people (about 90,000 accumulated audience) and the audience 111,200 Yeo people (about 169,300 accumulated audience) and ‘Halloween’ the audience 523,300 Yeo people (about 709,300 accumulated audience) and ‘rampancy’ the audience 174,900 Yeo people (about 1.5237 million accumulated audience) and ‘the magic watch hidden in the inner wall’ are perfect. After of the others ‘ was succeeded.
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