To ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ pattern circle · Koh Doshim and husband of 1 fairy of 2 people find.


The husband search turbulent of the actor pattern circle changing into the fairy and Koh Doshim starts. On 5th, the cable channel TvN new TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ (the script Kyongson Yoo · direction Kim Yooncheol) opened the appearance on the stage impression of the shooting steel and pattern circle Koh Doshim before the first broadcastings this day at 9:30 p.m. As to ‘the gyearyong fairy former’, the webtoon is the original with the comic fantasy drama drawing the story which gets wider while the line precious stone other (the pattern circle · Koh Doshim) meets fortuitously ‘the Chung I string (hyunmin Yoon) and Kim gold (seo Geehun)’ 2 man. While the robe of feathers was lost on the fairy falls 699 years ago and it was unable to go up to the sky, the lumberjack and family was managed with the fairy remaining the line precious stone in the pole and while the lumberjack passes away, it is overburdened. Come up to Seoul in order to discover the man who lives in Mt.Kyeryong and is conjectured as the husband born again and meet him and run ‘the fairy tea room’. There is that pattern circle which is resentful as the revealed steel heart line prison other carries the child on back and looks at the tomb of the husband and makes the tear drearily. In the fairy falls remained ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ pity ” line precious stone, the robe of feathers was lost and it was unable to go up to the sky but the lumberjack and time which is happier than someone was sent. It was shocking and it was the start reversing the life of the line jade other, his death explained. The time which is after long flows and the chronological background is changed to the present and the line precious stone south meets 2 husband candidate Chung I string (hyunmin Yoon) and Kim gold (seo Geehun) and the husband search is spread. How the line precious stone other gets to meet with 2 people, whether the curiosity leans 2 people to any kind of reason if it comes to regard as the husband candidate. The not only pattern circle but also Koh Doshim is resentful with the line precious stone south character. It is 1 Yeok of 2 people and heroine character birth of the different fascination. The affection toward 2 learned ‘the gyearyong fairy former’s was expressed and the appearance on the stage impression was delivered. Firstly, it revealed “the opportunity didn’t want to be missed. When it can interchange with many people through the current work and incomparably is good,”. The Koh Doshim confessed the meaning of “it was the character which also the mother can express me previously to be the woman and the meaning was deeper” the current work. He having been receiving the love which is big for the qualifier called ‘the nation mother’ told “the beautiful fairy character different from the work of the meanwhile of is played a role and the different pleasure is felt”. The attention is concentrated in the change in acting style of the Koh Doshim. The gyearyong fairy ago ‘ people concerned raised the expectancy to be one ” which he saved 2 learned its own individualities which get to play a role of the same character and was expressing the other line precious stone other as if he was same and can feel the considerable fun.
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