“why do you come out there?” The Jelrina Ahn Jolri and one, surprisingly, the visit The eyewitness account successive occurrence


Hollywood actor Jelrina Ahn Jolri visited Korea surprisingly. The eyewitness account of the Jelrina Ahn Jolri and confirmation shot taken with him is coming up to SNS. According to the report of foreign press including American Ppippeulji, and etc, the Jelrina Ahn Jolri visited Korea due to the problem of entering to school to the volunteer work and son Maddux from last second. The envoy said that Ri which wanted to go to the college in Korea and which Maddux like the k pop usually dozes off looked around the school in advance. The school which the Ri to be dozed off looks around in advance is assumed to be the Yonsei University. The eyewitness account that the Jol Ri and Maddux visited the Yonsei University located in the Shinchon in Seoul was connected to on-line, in addition the confirmation shot with the school student in Yonsei University came up. Besides, the printed aspects of the Jol Ri is coming up from the restaurant and every street corner. The person witnessing the Ri to be dozed off ‘there was the Jelrina Ahn Jolri in our town’ ‘why does the sister come out there?’ The picture was inserted with the text of ‘still, the hand, tremulously’ ‘to have a meal, it went and the Jelrina Ahn Jolri was seen’ ‘the Jelrina Ahn Jolri it went it had the man people it went way’ etc. More, all Moeun the interest the fact that it visits with the son Maddux is known the Ri to be dozed off among these doesn’t accompany the bodyguard On 4th Kyonggi-do Kwachun City Ministry of Justice government complex feeling sleepy was found according to the Ministry of Justice and UNHCR and it talked with Sangki Park Minister of Justice. It showed appreciation to the effort of our government supporting Yemen phosphorus of 500 reputable families arriving in last May Jeju Island feeling sleepy. In addition, until the refugees returned to the native country, the protection was provided and the thorough screening system construction was demanded at the same time. Previously, on 3rd, the Jol Ri shared the experience, and etc. visiting the refugee village of the concern for Yemen phosphorus which met the actor Woosung Chung who is UNHCR goodwill ambassador and flows in Jeju and every country. It told “we acted as the member of the international society for the cessation of Yemen crisis blushingly glacially” feeling sleepy “to reduce the number of global refugee, the civil war who is the cause for the generation of refugees has to be finished”.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737242.htm, 2018/11/05 10:42:13]