… 2,018 MGA today (6 days) holds the bulletproof Boy Scouts wanna circle.


The K-POP music award ‘2018 MGA’ (MBC plus X genie music award) took place in Incheon Namdong gym p.m. 7 on 6th, like this, 6 days hosts revealed and ‘2018 MGA’ continued the act which today, (6 days) is grand and it told. ‘2018 MGA’ in which the attention is more concentrated was subjected to the hot interest of the fans in one body since the opening in that it was the collaboration awards ceremony of the broadcasting corporation tried in the national for the first time and music platform corporation. The stage where there is the number which the global fans enjoy together it attends until the dance & vocalist unit group Jeneoreisyeonjeu prom egg seil tribe come into the spotlight at U.S.A singer song writer Charlie Ppuseu as well as not only domestic beloved but also the world the K-POP artists, Japan including the bulletproof Boy Scouts, Tteuwaiseu, wanna circle, and etc. to 2,018 MGA’ most It is planning to decorate. The snowman, The awards ceremony the heating star comes forward by the prizewinner it is this year including the comedian tax Ho, popularity Ttyubeo Yoo Baejjeu, and etc. most hot it is the big senior draw the world of singers one stroke including the singer Lee Seung-Chul, Hyuncheol Kim, and etc. including the godfather actor Lee Deok-hwa of the show variety artists the model Han Hye-Jin, actor Shin Hyun-joon, and competent who better the broadcaster Jeon Hyeonmoo Ga MC role of was played It is expected to make more racily. Here, it is the plan which the artists who is Dalgwot attend warmly the world of singers in ‘2018 MGA’ this year and honors the awards ceremony luxuriously including haze, Chungha, Momo land, stray kids, bar eve, Selleop fibre, and etc. in the actor hook in which it enjoys the hot popularity and which is including Wootta So cut. And in this day field, the hero of each category trophy is covered. The world including the singer section granted to the singer of the part best including ‘the singer of this year’, ‘the song of this year’, ‘the digital album of this year’, and ‘the best celling artist of this year’, that is four category of grand prizes, genre section, it presents in the song of the based on genres best and etc. is planning to progress in the competitive section in which the results of online poll is reflected. The world of the out-of-competition proceeds together. In new where including the col Labo stage of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and Challippuseu, unit stage of wanna circle, and etc, the show which it cannot see easily can be watched. Gather and the splendid performance, combining 3D augmented reality moreover, the expectancy. ‘2018 MGA’ transmitted live via MBC music, everyone in MBC, and MBCdeuramanet makes a start with the red carpet event today (6 days) at 5 p.m. And from 7 p.m. real awards ceremony starts.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737380.htm, 2018/11/06 09:29:10]