All, the agency “this encouraging factor supervision and parting”… the opening to the public passionate love full stop (formal)


The singer and actor DANA (32) and Hohjae Lee director (33) marked the period to the open love. All, the agency SM Entertainment Company Limited people concerned revealed on 6th, “DANA and Hohjae Lee supervision parted”. All Bahyeot the fact that DANA is love passionately in MBC variety program ‘radio star’ broadcasted last May 2016 for 3 years All Badat the interest it is known to be Hohjae Lee director who after passionate love relative makes debut as the movie ‘the hitchhiking of the surpluses’ in 2013The exact parting time of 2 people and on reason was not informed before. Meantime, DANA is the expecting to apperace on the cable channel life time reality variety program ‘again, the wing DANA’ to handle the diet period of electric conduction. Hohjae Lee director is actively active as CF director.
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