… guests 1,400 people?including the Igwangseop marriage, Gimjun string · Wonhyo Kim, and etc.


The attention leans to 1,400 people guests of the comedian Igwangseop (38) giving the marriage news. Igwangseop ㅇ got married in the Seoul Gangnam-ku certain hotel p.m. 6 on 3rd. The wedding consulting enterprise Happy married company introduced the wedding ceremony wedding album of 2 people after the wedding ceremony two days. In the Igwangseop wedding ceremony, about 1,400 people guests was known to attend. The half-open flower neck Lee Sang Ho Lee Sang-Min class near district back gag who is the chapter filial duty stood the Wonhyo Kim Chinhwa Shim Daesung Kim Songjun core anchorage to be the both conductor attended as the majority guests. And the Gimjun Was string in charge of the wedding ceremony 1 part society, Wonhyo Kim took care of 2 part societies? The colleague comedians made a boast of the unlike other people friendship in the wedding shooting proceeded with the wedding ceremony. KBS 22 0 house be the Geehoh Kim Wonhyo Kim Park Sunggwang Yeongchin Park Cho gloss Ho both conductor comedian including Yoonsang Ahn Songjun core Miyeong Huh aspect bureau, to and etc. was together in the shooting. The bride of the Igwangseop became the couple by the coffee special store manager living with Igwangseop between brother and sister for a long time with the passionate love in 1 year. All Ppyeolchyeot the activity in the Igwangseop debutting as KBS 22 0 house comedian in 2007 the KBS2 ‘gag Concert’ corner ‘the world scooping me up the liquor’ ‘the superstar KBS’ ‘natiomwide constituency’ ‘the father and son’ ‘the emperor of the audience rating’ ‘the reaction baseball team’ back activity Presently, it changes and the cafe is run.
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