‘indonesia detainment’ Lee Jong-suk and agency official position revision (speciality)


The actor Lee Jong-suk agency foretold the legal action which is once again strong in relation with this Indonesia detention and the modified official position was distributed. One making clear the position that it will ask the responsibility of this adverse criticism it will draw the cable in the relationship between agency and agency supervising the fan meeting as the tone which is strong than allUnder is project official position revision professional it ties A. Are you all right? It is the project which it ties A. The delivery offers project official position at last fifth it ties A about the departure action of the headquarters of a party position Lee Jong-suk actor who is known through Indonesia spot medium. It will tell in relation with the Djakarta fan meeting visa non issue situation of Lee Jong-suk actor. The headquarters of a party checked the progress matter that the Yume tomo in which this fan meeting proceeds and which is the agent prior to the past 3 days and YES24 which is the local promoter through the Deo creative rap people concerned was Lee Jong-suk besides the total 11 the people the staff the performance visa issuing completed. Accordingly, 12 people entering Djakarta host the half an hour fan meeting show p.m. 6 on 3rd as scheduled. However, the news that whereabouts of the Yes 24 the was possessing the passport of the exit passenger power in Djakarta airport head of corporation in Indonesia cannot be well known by eight o’clocks of in the afternoon on 4th had a period ahead of was heard. Indonesia field taxation authority attached the passport of the exit passenger power through the head of corporation who after headquarters of a party gets in touch to the half an hour because of the ticket sale Ryang omission report a.m. 2 on 5th. And it received the situation that it will pay the penalty in order to solve this. Accordingly, while the staff power waited that this situation was quick and it was finished and the method of resolution was found in many ways, the problem, as to the ban from leaving the country was taken at the visa issuing at the occurrence immigration office, the problem got to confirm through the state Indonesian embassy. YES24 ran through till the corresponding time in the project tied Lee Jong-suk actor and A deceivingly and the mentally serious loss of money was inflicted. One legal action the project tied A is reviewed through the law firm Yulchon play role of the legal agent against 2 agencies, including the YES24 who is the promoter. Moreover, the situation where the honor of the artist in the headquarters of a party is defamed through the speculative text related to this situation at isn’t planning to be sat and isn’t planning to be looked. It informs the reason of imputation informs of the none to the project which it ties Lee Jong-suk actor and A in relation with this departure action once again and any more Korean artist is damaged by the situation where it is similar to this afterward it finishes doing the best. Thank you
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737411.htm, 2018/11/06 12:23:12]