Only ‘the storm increase in quantity’, all, “were you much sweltering it buys?”… The opening to the public diet electric conduction


The recent condition in which the group Grace singer of origin DANA puts on weight sharply recently is opened and the impact is given. He is planning to diet the opening to the public through the reality program. As to the cable channel life time, the still honest challenge red phosphorus and DANA where there is the courage come back to the formula YouTube channel on 5th quite after long interval. The image was introduced in ‘again, the wing DANA’ life time digital with the text called the first opening to the public ‘ at 5 p.m. on November 21st. “everyones seem to be met after long interval” ” I, as to the years old was truly much DANA sweltering in the revealed image. The very surprised person thinks maybe to be too much. I told because of trying this way. All Kkeureot the attention although confident figure is not lost Every day of DANA was revealed in the continued image. It took part in H.O.T concert as well as the storm dark room and the exploding appearance, and etc. were contained with the appearance rooted passionately. The lower jaw, 8 year old, fat on the stomach, and etc. are without adjustment and opened and the fresh impact is given. DANA inflamed the diet will, saying that it was “the thought which sets up all ones all and is all loyal to this project with the pain cutting the bone”. DANA made debut as the Grace Deo Grace in 2005. It appeared after every kind musical, and etc. and the activity was engaged.
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