The crush ‘wonderlost’ and founder to sensitive


In the live stage, the sound source strong man exhibited the light more. The singer song writer crush getting the love of the music fan built up the late fall sensibility with the sensitive stage just reminding the modern art exhibition. The crush held the solo concert ‘yoo tour visited 2,018 crushes’ wonder roast ‘ (2018 CRUSH ON YOU TOUR ‘wonderlost’) ‘ in the Songpa-gu Seoul Olympics Ro Olympic Park Olympic hall p.m. 6 on 3rd. This concert progressed to the next day between two days. The heart pulsation sound resounded at the performance place and the film of the play increased. The audiences filling up 4,000 seats fullness had the blue noctilucent stick in the hand and the glad cheer was shouted. It is the solo concert of about 2 years of the crush but is 8 group band wonder rust and the first concerts which it is being together from last year. Its own classics in which the soft tone color stands out was arranged grandly and luxuriously and the crush completed the band wonder rust and Olympic hall fullness. In this concert, ‘visit lost one’ is the crush drawing the theme carefully with the tune, not only stage colorful but also image, acoustic, lighting, and etc. It rolls that it loses easily while “it wanted to have the talk lost and considerable about ones through this concert” ” we live in him. Important one of is thought to be the passing time. Because of being countrified, someone can think old one as such and I would like to share the analog sensibility on this concert. The concept of the concert was explained if the lost sensibility was visited through my story, it will be good. The lighting was turned off and ‘the baby in (Hey baby)’ was sung enthusiastically in the silhouette and the first song of was given present to be sweet. 9 tunes were asked and it asked to turn on the cellphone illumination to the audiences all at once and one crush made the first ments the background like the starlight. The crush approached the audiences to the Stage of movement near and fantastic ‘the beautiful (Beautifrul)’ and ‘sometimes’ stage was completed. After that, the representing musics of the crush spread to Angkor tune ‘it becomes the next occasion’ ‘forget’ including ‘2411’ ‘it is elegant’ ‘the oasis’ ‘the skip’ ‘the outside’, and etc. and 27 stages met the audience altogether. Especially, in this concert, the new musical composition ‘you (none)’ stage announced on the 17th of last month was revealed for the first time. The white cloth hung over. The image matching the housekeeping of ‘you’ showing the mind which missed the person who loves after parting and bears this and atmosphere was nicely drawn in the 1,000th. The feeling stunned of the housekeeping was doubled with the picture effect that just the crush seems to be swamped in the stream. The city PICA and Byeongeon appeared and the stage was together decorated among the performance in the latter half for ‘the Ryo’ featuring. Sikkke climbed ‘sevens (Chill)’ and ‘the party’ stage and together and ‘the ring ring’ stage spread as the guest. Geekko Ppenome back of nose started the supportive shooting in the second day. The crush keeps Americas tour including New York Dallas Chicago LA (los Angeles) San Jose Seattle, and etc. beginning with Toronto from the coming 21st.
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