‘the cute → girl crush’… comeback multiplication table and change of one’s image are succeeded (synthesis)


The third mini album of the girl group multiplication table (the cleaning scarceness beach reason Saelli U.S. or the Hye kite one Nayong) got rid of the veil. The multiplication table which frees from the image which the existing fresh is lively and picks up ‘the girl crush’ card The women who the multiplication table which comes back with 9 in the month the multiplication table 3 number mini album ‘Act.5 New Action’ commemoration of sale showcase was held on the Seoul Kwangjin-ku Gwangjang-dong YES24 livehall (the globe AX hall) with 6 with the day at 4 p.m. the interest is becoming larger already these attempting the change with 180 degree other images can satisfy the public eye and ear acts with confidenceThe sophisticated beauty upgraded the surname ‘ more and more as the concept and feel which it considers the hip was emphasized. The colorful fascination which it doesn’t show through the album this time so far is released and the multiplication table attempts the splendid change. The title song ‘the Not That Type (the sickle five type)’ is the tune in which the since sound and unique brass sound started luxuriously stands out on the exciting bit. It coexisted to it was soft, be strong and the more colorful aspects of multiplication table was luxuriously shown and ‘the relish · Ppeum’ (it is wonderful, being beautiful) was more and more sensuously expressed. In the album this time, because the total of 6 tunes are collected and the person of real ability wrapper Rabi of ‘to you’ in which the member cleaning takes part in the writing the lyrics and BIX in the group writes and ‘Do it’ back participating in the composition is collected, attention from listeners is centered. It was the second anniversary since one this day showed the concept that ” we is ‘ extreme stone ‘ and made debut. It prepared much as much as it came out after the unit stage after long interval in a group. The many interest and loves was asked and the comeback feeling was revealed. The Ba which reinterprets the various fairy tale, movie, masterpiece, and etc. as the color of me and the multiplication table gets previously the qualifier that it is ‘the extreme rock’ every the album in which it comes outThis concept of multiplication table is ‘Meoppeum’ (it is wonderful, being beautiful). It is the plan showing ‘Meoppeum’ the expression and color of the new multiplication table with the charisma the charisma overflowing with the dance line which is splendid and pretty in the stage sensuously. Mina loosened ‘ Meoppeum ‘ of ” multiplication table with the polished impression with the hip little more. The feel which it is the liberty wilder than the existing figure was presented and in order to solve by another figure of the multiplication table, this was tried and the album concept was explained. On the killing part of the title song was mentioned. Mina told “when it sees maybe that the killing part comes one more to the ad-lib of the cleaning sister”, saying that it was “the tune which can feel simultaneously to be strong the title song is soft” this. The album this time made the movie ‘the Ocean’s 8’ with the motive. The cleaning “8 digested so that the various fascination and they people having the individuality got together and the color of the multiplication table could be shown like the movie ‘ Ocean’s 8′” told. It tells “the costume concept caught the color of the feel done the sporty with the point” and the reason explains the point color of the members directly. The member Hye kite left the group prior to this comeback. Was there no obstacle in the curriculum where the reorganization comes back as 8 groups? “9 people installed but the start for says be rooted with ‘ best friend ‘ (the multiplication table fan club) of the people which Hyeyeon wrote on the letter” ” Hyeyeon said listen this song and one says be good. The cheer was exchanged and the health for was stood up to the Hye soft feed as the visor. Nayong shines more when sharing ” multiplication table with the best friend. All Bahyeot the aspiration which will recompense for the stage which 8 people completes tightly and is of small but sturdy buildThe multiplication table asked for “in order to will present the better arena, it will be eagerly active” many interests finally. The interest the multiplication table is the album this time collected if ‘the girl crush’ image can be carved in the public brain as the start point. In the meantime, the third mini album ‘Act.5 New Action’ is opened through every kind sound source site p.m. 6 on 6th.
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