The funeral ceremony observance to be “the cinema world big star the Jidda”… high divinity (image)


Love. Thank you Respect. The time will be missed over the time. – the big star of the be the high divinity Korean movie world during memorial video had made. The meaning of thankful each including the is respectively Geurip mind, mind of the respect, mind, and etc. was born and the last road of the dead was seen off. The funeral ceremony of the actor high Shin Sungil was kept strictly, the funeral ceremony to be the high divinity progressed in the Songpa-gu Seoul ASAN Medical Center funeral hall with 6 with the day at 10 a.m. The dead is separated by death and it moves to Seoul memorial Park after the funeral service and is cremated. And it is moved to the Yeongcheon in North Gyeongsang Province hachures, that is after burial ground. Early from the morning funeral hall before was crowded with the group of reporters. The regular citizens hung around the front of funeral hall in the atmosphere and solemn mind regretful mind recalling the deceased as if the comfortable step was not. The step of the acquaintance the fan back mourners forming a puddle became frequent from the funeral ceremony start half an hour ago the time including the bereaved family and cinema world seniors and juniors. The face including the actor Yeonggyun Shin Lee Deok-hwa Dokko Yeongjae Kim Hyeong work, Donghoh Kim all the Pusan International Film Festival chief director, Lee, Yi Janghoh director, Seokgeun Oh Yeonghwajinheungwi director, and etc. was seen. The widow Aengran Eom received the minor axis of the families before the start about 15 minute and it revealed shape. It tried and was smiling but the sorrow which the eye-corner is filled could not be covered, 200 people mourners entered fullness in the place of funeral ceremony. As the dead was the Buddhist believer which the lifetime is sincere, the funeral ceremony began piously with the Buddhistic style. The actor Dokko Yeongjae took care of the society. It was carried out as the order including the portrait position, carrying of casket, meditation, it forms a puddle reporting of a person’s profile, memorial video showing, investigation, funeral address, incense burning which and offering of flowers, people in the bereaved family, and etc. and the deceased was praised. Love the memorial video recalling the dead. Thank you Respect. The text appeared in the subtitles and the time would be missed over the time it was finished. The mourners nodded head as if they consented sufficiently to the content of the subtitles and it looked at the image. And the funeral address of the investigation of Sanghak Gee chairman of funeral and Seokgeun Oh Yeonghwajinheungwi director were continued. Aengran Eom coming out funeral ceremony day off in the future comes early from the morning funeral ceremony and it thanks you. (it forms a puddle) Even if the photo was watched, He grew old, it grew old and the luck of the people was taken off. It appears He is sent and He doesn’t want. When someone asks to me ‘why it is not the mistake’. The dead person is unable to walk if it cries. It has painful at this world. So, it didn’t cry and there was, the reason why it is not to go to “***” home and was trying to put out the fire at night 12 o’clock and cry to one’s heart’s content in the bedding and shed the tear was explained. After that, the personnel affairs was finished with the cheerful words of blessing. Aengran Eom had a lot of joy anger sorrow and pleasure so far. However, our 2 lived by the mess. It is the mind which would like to live while at that time, it respects like the fairy if the dead is again born and lives together again. The time was already late. Instead of, everyone can be good to the wives. If it did well, the good luck came and it said and the smile was given to the inside of the hall. The dead was treated at the Suncheon in South Jeolla Province certain sanatorium after hiting against the lung cancer 3 verdict at June last year. 25 minute worlds were left a.m. 2 on 4th after Ppyeamtubyeongha. The actor Sunggi Ahn and Korea movie man federation Sanghak Gee president, as to the actor Kang Soo-yeon Georyong Gangho Song Lee Deok-hwa Mihui Jang Choi Minsik played the cave chief of a funeral committee role of the vice chairman while the funeral service was held with the movie tension (burial on the third day after death). It is selected as the Korean movie world representative actor. And it is the dead dominating 1,960~1,980 s. It debutted as Sin Sang-ok director movie ‘the romance Ppa bar’ in 1960. And it appeared after ‘the youth of the bare feet’ ‘the hometown of the Byeoldeul’ etc. about 500 Yeo chapter work.
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