The funeral hall and political circle · cinema world condolence procession to be the high divinity can be continued (synthesis)


The step of the mourners seeing the last of the deceased off is not stopped at the condolence of the high the actor Shin Sungil. The leaders from all quarters praised the spirit of the dead including the cinema world in which I was. Yu multiplication assemblyman Min and Kim Byong-Joon head of the Emergency Measures Committee per person limitedness bureau, Sungtae Kim representative of a party, and etc. it is the Bareun future on the condolence of the high Shin Sungil prepared in 5 days Songpa-gu Seoul ASAN Medical Center funeral hall including the Lee Hoi-chang all prime minister the mourners were ceaselessly greeted the surviving family including Sanghoh Kang member of National Assembly, who is the wife actor Aengran Eom and children the nephew and etc. sat up with the corpseIt found and the deceased and last on was together decided. The formor Prime Minister Lee Hoi-chang visiting the funeral parlor for 55 minutes looked back on “if the dead is seen, the word that it is the perfect beauty with no trace of artifice (the perfect beauty with no trace of artifice · character or sayings and doings is very natural and it decorates the none) comes to mind” “it thought as the person who there was really no ornament and falsehood and who is good” the deceased this day at 1 p.m. As to Kim Byong-Joon head of the Emergency Measures Committee, ” the dead was much active as and, the assemblyman on the Daegu area hometown in our Cookdang Han assemblyman. It broke silence the beam ” to visit rightly. After that, it added to be “even when eating the age and being in the local, it enjoyed a green old age and the wisdom of many lives was given and it is unfortunate” “one to be the feeling which is the same with one which maybe many people feel”. Sungtae Kim representative of a party called uniquely to the high Shin Sungil as ‘senior’. The way gone “as to the lifetime senior, as to politics, the frankness was always light” was so sad and surely Kim representative of a party was trying to visit. The juniors wished to be well led in the next world and the regrettable state of mind was expressed. The Yu multiplication assemblyman Min “it was the person doing more important one” is the person who leaves the cultural circle development in the perspective side. It was the heavenly bliss vacant and told. The not only political world but also the entertainment world procession to the memory was continued. The colleague in entertainment world, juniors including the broadcaster Songhae, actor age of sixty ash, Sunggi Ahn, Lee Deok-hwa, Gimchangsuk, entire circumference, Cho In sung, singer Kim Heungcook, and etc. visited and the deceased of was cherished the memory. The lifetime the dead was being memorized as ‘the eternal actor’ by the colleague in entertainment world and juniors. If the last feature which it is among ” plan is not displayed and Songhae goes, then do you do what? In Korea, if the movie is made, it is much restricted and has done much and censors much and if that place to is gone, there is no that one. Make one in mind as one pleases as one likes and send much to our world. It wishes to be much active as the movie. It went peacefully, it told rather low. The big tree accomplishing the development of “60 ‘s movie measured the age of sixty innovative went to one people. This to seems to be so early gone “***” that fans remember all. It expressed, saying that it could do a little more, to be unfortunate. After that, ” Shin Sungil played the leading role and I had common the task for the supporting actor. If the start which publicized this in one “***” relative organ in which many materials remained and It becomes the textbook which is good for the younger student and which could cherish the memory of the deceased and which it can miss came to the related work to be the divinity, it will be good, the wish was conveyed. Lee Deok-hwa called the dead in being ‘shin Gamdok Nim’. As to He, ” Shin Gamdok Nim was the novel of the young actors. The applicants for an actor increased due to Shin Gamdok Nim and the rhyme was taken off. After that, ” I has the relation appeared much on the director’s film. In this way, it gave an answer to it remained as the eternal actor of “in the question of the group of reporters” our one’s mind if it was a pity, it remembered as “***” what kind of actor and be salty. The total nonexistence eulogy looked back on “it wanted to become like the Shin Sungil and the play got to be started” “it had this talk much they acted, and the actor could live constantly how” the dead and memory. He buried in thought for some time was the person respecting always. After it was the heavenly bliss of the dead vacant, leaving the word, within step was moved. In 2013, the dead and movie ‘ Lespedeza cuneata: All Kkeureot the attention Seulki Bae keeping time finds the funeral parlor from the flower ‘ of the desireSeulki Bae has painful much that person who It becomes the teacher who is good for ” I gets to go to (with the heaven). If It became the consolation which is abundant in the mind remaining from the family members and many teacher fans, it will be good. It had painful so and was sorry. After that, “‘ Lespedeza cuneata: It was unable to receive applause with the people whose there is a lot of the flower ‘ of the desire but is really the thanked work which there 2 is no to me. It was the really honorable work and gets to be together in the last work of ” teacher and is really the honor. I did more eagerly more as the junior in the future. The actor who is not shy to the teacher to see in the sky will try as possible, he said and it was the tear the steps. In the meantime, the funeral ceremony proceeds at a.m. 10 on 6th. And the deceased is moved and cremated with Seoul memorial Park at 11 a.m. The burial ground is the Yeongcheon in North Gyeongsang Province hachures.
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