‘the gyearyong fairy former’ tuition fee or multiplication table is taken off and Soonlee Jeom changes.


The member tuition fee of the girl group multiplication table of was gone out, the smoke debut-game was held with the TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the gyearyong fairy former’. One leaving the strong impression in the first appearances and TV as the cat Soonlee Jeom who the sly is lively It is successful from the first electric conductions. When being the daughter of the mother line precious stone south (the pattern circle), then it appeared as the sly cat Soonlee Jeom standing by his side in the TvN TV series aired on Mondays and Tuesdays ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ which at last fifth afternoon which the tuition fee appears is broadcasted. All Deohaet the vitality of the pole with the appearance which as to He, this day is cute and fascination loveableOnly the tuition fee which was known to handle 3 roles by 1 person coming and going the human and tiger and cat from the broadcast and which it got the expectation in one body It appeared as the cute aspects of cat which this day tuition fee appears and the eyes of the viewer was captivated. One in which it digests naturally the aspects of the human Soonlee Jeom having the charisma bouncing chubbily and which expresses the cubic characterThe cute scene which wrote the especiallysecretly lustful novel and He wrapped in the thought of the single, as to the whisker and tail jumps out due to the tiger strength suddenly held the expectation for the colorful fascination which Mina shows in the drama in the future in reverence. The girl student who was selected for the heroine in the TvN ‘the history of the drama stage upright bipedalism’ which the tuition fee which was cast in the child’s part that one example is worm-eaten in the drama ’20 century boys and girls’ last year and changes into the actor-dol appears and gained recognition for the growth potential as the performer and achieves the innocent beauty of the stylish action mobile movie ‘the Dok high rewind’ this yearIt appeared and the eyes was captivated. It makes naturally into the mine and the role that it takes care in ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ which the tuition fee brace oneself the hard base skill happens in many works is expressing 3 roles by 1 person with the peculiar fascination. Meantime, the rebirth of the lumberjack for is waited on Mt.Kyeryong in 699 years and ‘the gyearyong fairy former’ is broadcasted to the story which gets wider while the fairy line jade other (the pattern circle) in which It becomes the varistor meets the Chung I string (hyunmin Yoon) and Kim gold (seo Geehun) 2 man fortuitously at every Monday and Tuesday night at 9:30.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737404.htm, 2018/11/06 12:13:00]