The interception “there is no possibility that it catches the criminal up to” including the axe, cell phone · passport in LA Korea Town, and etc.


The wrapper axe was robbed of the personal bag which the cell phone and passport, and etc. gets at U.S.A LA Korea Town restaurant parking lot. The axe “the car robbers dumped for the class in LA Korea Town one the kind of beef soup with rice parking lot at yesterday evening from 7 to 7 and the glass was broken and my backpack and manager backpack was stolen” wrote on its own Instagram on 5th. After that, “in within this, there were my necklace, watches and camera, 2 cellular phones, passport, and etc” acquaintances explained the situation for a while there was the number not to be connected. The axe was done on spot investigation “it reported to the police. However, it could be said to be our fault which was the thing where there is originally frequently in LA and held up the police and security and leaves the bag in the car” “when there is no possibility that it catches”. In addition, the ax published the video put the car of which I was taking the broken window and vehicle interior where there is the broken piece of glass. His colleagues expressed to be unfortunate. As to the tiger JK, “calmly” Maikkeurodat “know” Dindin put up the comment that over “surely it can catch” Min has “egugu” rain Y Chang people back “it is worn out”. Also “there will be the ax responsibility. It will don’t know the sound which the Mwon end doesn’t make sense” ” is so upset with the fan. He is the fault. Find that man who puts the bag on ” car truly please shelters even a bit and reduces and it is finished. Roh answer ” real bad person ” I will fret so, it will be really upset, the reaction of the back is shown. It went in order to have the dinner to the way back to night on the last fourth and the axe was known to be damaged.
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