‘the sexual molestation willingness confession’ Ilhwa Choi and movie ‘and’ getting off


It alit from the movie ‘the last task’ which the actor Ilhwa Choi (59) confessing the facts of sexual harassment the willingness decided to appear. The multiple staff member of films revealed that Ilhwa Choi alit from ‘the last task’ in which Huichan Kim supervision finds the megaphone on 6th. Ilhwa Choi undertook the vice-principal role mediating the conflict in ‘the last task’ between the teacher and parents originally. However, when the dispute grew serious after confessing the facts of sexual harassment, then in conclusion, the getting off was determined. Ilhwa Choi confessed the willingness in relation with the sexual molestation previously when ‘the Mi two campaign’ (I the victim and Me Too) became active in last Feburary. He is unable to be free in the sexual misconduct case by a person of ” actor at that time. While it didn’t know whether that was the fault at that time, it thought lightly. Reflect sharply on my ignorance and awareness. The time of the steaming and reflection will had and said in the future. In ‘the god and 2 box Jjeum’ of Yunghwa Kim supervision and ‘negotiation’ of Lee Jong-suk supervision, after him got off at a stretch.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1737477.htm, 2018/11/06 21:47:45]